SideLoading Activator

Activating SideLoading

Once you have downloaded and installed the Course Creation and Catalog Add-in you will need to activate SideLoading on the SharePoint Team Site where you installed the Course Creation and Catalog Add-in.

There are two ways you can do that.

A: By using a little Desktop Application we have developed called LMS SLA. Here you just need to have the url of the Team Site and the login details for a Office 365 Global Administrator.

Download: LMS365 SideLoading Activator App  

B: The other way is to use PowerShell. If you are happy to use PowerShell then simply download the PS Scripts and execute these.

Download: ​SideLoading PowerShell Scripts  

Here are the instructions:

1: Download and Install the SPO management shell  
2: Extract the file
3. Execute EnableSideLoading.ps1 from PowerShell
4: Provide the URL for the site collection where sideloading should be enabled
5: Enter your user credentials. You must be a Tenant Admin to activate this feature
6: Once SideLoading is activated you will be able to create courses

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