LMS365 Web Jobs



Job issues a certificate to learners upon course completion. 


Job resolves:

  • users or AD groups that are updated in Learners or Course Administrators fields during course creation/editing;
  • users that have enrolled/unenrolled from course; 
  • users or AD groups that are updated in SharePoint groups associated with Learners, Course Administrators roles, and Site Owners group (people who can manage the add-in).

Job runs once an hour, and resolves changes in AD group membership (e.g. user was removed from AD group which was added to Learners).


Jobs sends notifications on events that are enabled in course catalog > LMS Settings > Notifications.

EmailNotifications-OnSchedule Job runs once a day (8am GMT), and creates a task for the previous job in order that it sends approval reminder notifications. 
ResourceManager-OnEvent Job provisions apps on a new tenant. 

Job checks titles of course categories and tags, and updates them in web properties of SharePoint in case they were updated in course settings.

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