(Recent LMS365 Upgrade problem) Learners do not see My Learning modules and learners are absent in reports

After recent upgrade LMS365 - V1.4.2 (released on 12.12.2015) you might notice that learners do not see My Learning modules web part (MLWP) and learners are absent in reports.



The reason is that before upgrade SCORM attempts, done by any user role, were shown in report, and any user role could access MLWP.

Now user(Learner) has to be in group with Visitors role in order his SCORM attempts are shown in report and to be able to see MLWP.

NOTE: There shouldn't be such a problem in courses, created in Course Catalog.



Open the following URL (change your_site_url):


It will look like that:

Select in Visitors to this Site field the group, where your Learners are and click OK.

The changes need time to take effect (controlled by timer job which runs every 2 hours).



Sometimes Site doesn't have some or any of the above groups and you have to create them manually, just click OK:

After you created default group(s) you can associate Visitors group, see solution above.


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