What determines the language of the LMS365

The display language of the Course Catalog, Dashboard and Course web parts is the same as the language of the SharePoint site.

Please note:

  • each SharePoint Site has its default language (the one it was created in) besides which you can choose alternative language(s) (Site Settings – Language settings);
  • each user browsing sites can have the preferred profile language;
  • each browser can have the preferred language. 

Therefore, the language may depend on the alternative languages of SharePoint as well as on the settings of your browser.

Once alternate language(s) for a site is chosen, one of the following rules to determine the language in which to display content to the user (see reference) is used:

  • The language preferences stored in the user profile is used. It takes some time before user language preferences are applied after you change them.
  • If no language preference is defined in the user profile, the preferable language of your browser is used. If the preferable language of your browser is specified as the alternative language in SharePoint, you will see the LMS365 Admin Center in this language. Please note, that this language should be on the top of the list of preferences in the browser. You should reopen browser session as well if you change browser language preference.
  • If no language preference is defined in the user's profile and web browser, the default site language is used.

The language for the course notification can be normally managed under Regional Settings of SharePoint site the notification belongs to. To view it, navigate to the desired Course – Site Settings – Regional Settings – Region – Locale and select the desired language from the Locale dropdown menu. Navigate to the LMS365 Admin Center and the locale will be applied. Perform these actions for all courses that you receive an incorrect notification from.

Language settings for all other notification are transferred from Course Catalog settings what you chose while creating. 

Please note that it takes some time before the language preferences are applied after you have changed them.


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