Troubleshoot checklist for proper Course Search functioning

  • check if Search Service Application is configured and full/incremental crawl is successfully running. You need to run an incremental search after adding new courses in REM so that they could appear in Search Results;
  • check if Managed Metadata Service is configured and runs without errors;
  • check if ELEARNINGFORCE - REM: Courses Search Configuration web application feature is active. To be activated it needs Search Service and Managed Metadata to be configured, after its activation a REM4 term group is automatically created in term store;
  • check if REM Courses Search Site Collection feature is activated in REM site. It creates a "REM Courses v2" Search Result Source. You can try reactivating this feature if you don't see "REM Courses" Search Result Source created;
  • check if "REM Courses v2" result source is present in REM Site Settings >Search Result Sources;
  • go to Site Settings> Search Result Sources, open "REM Courses v2" source for editing, press Launch Query Builder and check if SEARCH RESULT PREVIEW returns any courses:


  • try resetting and rebuilding the search index.
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