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How can I migrate the existing e-portfolios from our test environment to the acceptance (and production) environment?

I have all e-portfolios in a separate content database, when I attach that the database to the web application, it shows all e-portfolios in the site collections overview, but not in the e-portfolio host.

Do I need to do something before they get recognized?


They will all get eventually recognized, - when users log into their portfolio sites.

To force attach all e-portfolios use the attached tool with the web application URL parameter (web application from which e-portfolios should be attached). The tool will search for sites created from e-portfolio site template, resolve the owner at the new host and write the site URL to host.

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    T Korre

    Dear Alex,

    I cannot find E-portfolio on our LMS365 on premises installation as an option. Does it require an extra installation?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,

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