Silverlight (Seating Chart) not working

You don't see room templates on the organization level, and you don't see seating chart template on the course either. To use Seating Chart you may need to register the XAP file extension (Silverlight file extension) in IIS. 

To do that open your IIS manager, select your server, find the MIME types icon and double click it. Then press Add in right Actions menu and specify the following parameters:
application/x-silverlight-app as File name extension
.xap as MIME type

In case when  .xap is already added and Silverlight is still  not working you might need to do the following steps as well:
a. go to iis manager>browse to the site that’s using lms
b. find there Handler Mappings and open them for this site
c.  Find there AboMapperCustom- handler and select it and click Edit Feature Permissions, then check Script and Execute for it (in your case it might be just Read).

If that doesn't work check the same permissions for the seating chart folder. 

Do iisreset. Once done Seating Chart should work.

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