How does translation (language pack) work in SPLMS, REM, DashBoard, E-Portfolio?

Here is how the translation works:

  • SharePoint is installed in the selected language (which can be different from English), and there are language packs for SharePoint to make it possible to create sharepoint sites in other languages;
  • LMS default language is English, and to make it possible use LMS in another language you'll need to install a language pack for LMS, as well as for SharePoint.

When you create organizations and courses you can select a language which is an 'intersection' of SharePoint and LMS language packs.

How you can check and look this up:

  • in CA => Application Management => Create site collection => Select a language combobox: you will see languages installed for SharePoint
  • in CA => Operatins => Solution management => look for LMS solution in the list and click it, you'll see Language Packs installed for LMS

If the site is already created in English locale you won't be able to change all the translations, you'll need to recreate a site in another language.

NOTE: SPLMS, REM, DashBoard, E-Portfolio language packs work in the following way:

  • some translation keys are taken each time from Resource files
  • some translation keys are fetched from Resource files only once when site is being created.

It means that if you created a site with incomplete/incorrect Language pack (where translation keys were absent or missing), in most cases you'll have to create another new site after you install new language pack with correct translation.

NOTE: Resource files from language packs are placed in the following locations after deployment:

  • SharePoint Hive
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\CONFIG\Resources\
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\Resources\
  • Global Resources folder of web application
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