What types of audio and video files are supported in SPLMS?

Embedded editor supports most of the fille types as it is Microsoft Windows Media Player. 

Learning path can display different muitimedia types. 

Some of types have own behavior(audio/video should play in player, picture should be displayed inside page, etc.). If there is no specified behavior for multimedia type, it shows in default way - link to download file.

Types with specified behavior added since SPLMS v 2.1:
.wmv, .wma, .mpeg, .mpg, .asf, .swf, .mp3, .wav, .avi

Added  since SPLMS v 3.1:
.flv, .mp4 (mp4 might require registered MIME type in IIS).

Also Permissive file handling should be enabled to play but not download videos. This setting can be found in Central Administration>Manage web applications>Manager web application General Settings>Browser file handling.


In SharePoint 2013 (SPLMS 4.0 and higher) you can upload only .wma, .wmv or .mp3 files to Assets library in order to insert them in quizzes/assignments etc.

You won't be able to upload other media file formats, getting the following warning message: "Assets in this format cannot be played by the Media Player Web Part".

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