GradeBook including profile or AD properties


To display additional AD profile properties besides the learner display name, what would be the best option to develop this?


It’s not possible to add an additional column like that to GradeBook but it’s possible to modify the Learner column according to the following flow. 

Standard list options are hidden in the GradeBook list settings by default but with the direct URL you can get to the page to edit the field, - {courseUrl}/_layouts/FldEditEx.aspx?List={89848e03-6d7c-4ac9-9ff8-0d1c0c47f2d7}&Field=Author 
You’ll  need to know the correct ListId of the GradeBook (you can see it when you open GradeBook settings and can copy it from the URL).  On the page you'll see Show field option where you can select available fields=columns from the User List. 
The User List is {courseUrl}/_layouts/people.aspx?MembershipGroupId=0 i.e. People and Groups - All People page.
If necessary you can create a new column in the User List and then select it here. To display an additional column the easiest way is to create a calculated column in User List, and then show it on GB using described scenario (calculated meaning based on two fields e.g. =[User name]&" "&[Department] see Text formulas at


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