QTI import limitations

Not all types of questions can be imported from QTI package

Only items of the following types(versions) are imported from the package:


the rest are ignored. You can look the types of the questions in the imsmanifest.xml file inside your QTI package. See the image for the reference http://screencast.com/t/IoPiJASlqu

Only question types that are supported in SPLMS are imported. Those are:

1. choiceInteraction Choice & MultiChoice

· maxChoices == 1 signifies it's Choice type, all the rest incl. 0 are MultiChoice

· answers are stored in simpleChoice

2. extendedTextInteraction FreeText

· answers are stored in simpleChoice

3. orderInteraction Ordering

· answers are stored in simpleChoice

4. hotspotInteraction HotSpot

· only first correct answer of the hotspotChoice type is taken, round oval or rectangle. Round and oval are reduced to their describing rectangle.

5. matchInteraction Match

· answers are stored in simpleMatchSet/simpleAssociableChoice

6. gapMatchInteraction FillGaps

· answers are stored in gapText

7. textEntryInteraction Text

all other types are ignored.

Full information about the QTI standards you can find by the following link: http://www.imsglobal.org/question

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