Create SPLMS test environment

If you need to replicate or mirror your production environment and a new test environment the following steps will be helpful.

1. Export SPLMS configuration

stsadm -o exportSPLMSconfiguration -url %url% -file config.xml

2. Backup and Restore Content databases of the web applications where LMS is deployed. If you use Tracking Tool, backup and restore SPLMS Tracking database.

3. Deploy SPLMS and language packs in a new test environment.

4. Import SPLMS configuration

stsadm -o importSPLMSconfiguration -url %url% -file config.xml

5. Stop all Services

iisreset /stop
net stop spadminv4
net stop spsearch4
net stop sptracev4
net stop sptimerv4
net stop osearch14

6. Attach content databases to the appropriate web applications.

7. If the content database contains Office Hours host, register it using stsadm command:

stsadm -o registerofficehourshost  -url [-force]

8. If URL of the application was changed, renew the certificates

stsadm -o updatecertificates   -url %url%

9. Reset all services:

iisreset /restart
net stop spadminv4; net start spadminv4
net stop spsearch4; net start spsearch4
net stop sptracev4; net start sptracev4
net stop sptimerv4; net start sptimerv4
net stop osearch14; net start osearch14

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