Create REM Course

Below is an example using REM 4.0 SDK:


using (EnrollmentAddon rem = ObjectFactory.CreateAddonSite("url"))
                var onlineCourse = rem.CoursesInfo.Create(CourseType.Online);
                onlineCourse.CourseId = new Guid(""); // lms course site collection id
                onlineCourse.OrganizationId = new Guid(""); // lms org id
                onlineCourse.OrganizationTitle = "Org title";
                onlineCourse.Category = new SPFieldLookupValue(""); // lookup id from Lists/Categories list

                var customFieldAccessor = (IEntityFieldAccessor) onlineCourse;
                customFieldAccessor.SetValue(new FieldData("CustomField1", new Guid("customfield_guid1")), "custom field value1");
                customFieldAccessor.SetValue(new FieldData("CustomField2", new Guid("customfield_guid2")), "custom field value2");

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