What parameters does Elearningforce.SharePoint.LMS.Updater executable use?

 You can run Elearningforce.SharePoint.LMS.Updater.exe using the following parameters:

- URL of LMS organization or course site - it will update a single site collection only, e.g. 
 Elearningforce.SharePoint.LMS.Updater.exe http://yourapplication/sites/course
- Id of the Web Application - it will search for LMS sites across the given web application and update all of them, e.g.
Elearningforce.SharePoint.LMS.Updater.exe 67166932-30e0-4c52-aa26-c846a7e7f989
You can use following PowerShell command to know all your Web Application's GUIDs:
Get-SPWebApplication | Select DisplayName, Id
When you run the updater without any parameters it runs through all web applications and searches for lms sites to update. 


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