Generate the learner progress report


The Learner progress report provides information about learners' training progress.

In this article, you'll find information about how to generate the learner progress report, and how to download and read it, via the Reports page.

The Learner progress report is available from two areas of the LMS365 (Learn365) Admin Center. For information about how to generate this report via the Users page, see this article.


Generate the learner progress report

Required role: catalog admin.

1. Go to the LMS365 (Learn365) Admin Center > Reports. The Reports page opens.

2. Select Progress > Learner progress report. The Learner progress report panel opens.

3. From the Learners section of the opened Learner report panel, select the relevant Learners for whom you want to run the report.

4. When you're ready, select Export to Excel to generate the report.


Learner progress report panel


When the report is generated, it will be downloaded to your device as an Excel file and will be available under Notifications (the bell icon). The report will display information in the language defined for the catalog via the Locale setting in the LMS365 (Learn365) Admin Center> Catalog settings > LMS Configuration > Regional settings. For more information, see this article.

For information about how to read the information in the downloaded Learner progress report, see this article.


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