Teaching bubbles in LMS365


A teaching bubble is an interactive part of the LMS365 interface that highlights a new feature and helps users to get acquainted with how to use it.

Starting from the June 2023 release, teaching bubbles are available in the LMS365 Admin Center. With future releases, users will see teaching bubbles in more places throughout LMS365.

In this article, we go through an example case of how teaching bubbles work for the Create course/training plan copy feature.


What is a teaching bubble?

Teaching bubbles are available in the LMS365 Admin Center for the Create course/training plan copy feature and they lead admins on how to use this newly introduced feature.

Teaching bubbles will be available in the LMS365 Admin Center for up to four weeks after an LMS365 update or until admins open the Course/Training Plan panel for the first time, whichever is sooner.


How it works

Required role: catalog or course admin.

1. When you enter the LMS365 Admin Center for the first time after an LMS365 update, you'll see a teaching bubble near the newly introduced. In this example, the new feature is Create course/training plan copy in the Course/Training management panel.




Selecting the bubble opens a short description of the new feature.

Selecting Close in the bubble closes the bubble and stops it from being displayed when you return to the LMS365 Admin Center.

If you proceed with the Create course/training plan copy action without closing the teaching bubble, the bubble remains available when you return to this action, until you close it.




2. On the training configuration panel, the teaching bubble near the Basic training information field contains additional instructions, as well as the Close and Learn more buttons.

Selecting Learn more redirects you to a related article in the LMS365 Help Center. This action doesn't close the teaching bubble. To close it, select Close.




3. Closing the previous teaching bubble displays the next teaching bubble in the sequence on the training configuration panel.




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