Users no longer receive LMS365 (Learn365) notifications. How can this be solved?


When users don't receive LMS365 (Learn365) email notifications, the cause may be to find in the Microsoft 365 Connection Settings, the fact that specific notifications are disabled, or issues with the delivery of email messages to users.

In this guide, we go through how you can investigate and resolve the issue in these cases.


Check the Microsoft 365 Connection Settings

If your automated notifications are no longer sent to users for any courses, it's likely that the account used for sending email notifications isn't properly connected to LMS365 (Learn365).

In this case, catalog admin needs to reset the connection by first disconnecting the currently connected account in Microsoft 365 Connection Settings. Next, configure again the Microsoft 365 Connection Settings to ensure a proper connection between the account and LMS365 (Learn365).

Email notifications are managed in the LMS3655 (Learn365) Admin Center > Catalog settings > Notifications.

Find detailed information about how to configure Microsoft 365 Connection Settings in this article.


Ensure relevant notifications aren't disabled

By default, all notifications are enabled.

Catalog admins can disable specific notifications on a catalog level to prevent some types of notifications to be sent to users. If users aren't receiving notifications, make sure to check that these notifications are in fact enabled in the catalog.

This is done in the LMS365 (Learn365) Admin Center > Catalog settings > Notifications. Find detailed information about how to enable and disable notifications in this article.


Check success of email delivery in the Microsoft 365 Exchange admin center

If, after you have checked that the Microsoft 365 Connection Setting are set up correctly and that all relevant notifications are enabled, you still experience issues with users receiving notifications, you can check the email trace and identify possible errors with email delivery in the Microsoft 365 Exchange admin center.



You need to be a Microsoft 365 global admin to access the Microsoft 365 Exchange admin center.


As LMS365 (Learn365) uses Microsoft 365 to send email notifications, you can check the Message Trace in the Microsoft 365 Exchange admin center to understand whether notification messages were sent to users.

This can be done following the steps:

1. Go to the Microsoft 365 Exchange admin center.

2. In the Mail flow section, select Message trace.




3. On the opened page, choose the relevant trace or create a new by selecting Start a trace.

If you want to get an overview of all emails that has been sent from the account that is connected to LMS365 (Learn365), you can generate a search result with this account in the Senders field.


4. When ready, select Search.

Here is an example of message trace search results where you can see the messages that has been sent from the account connected to LMS365 (Learn365), the recipient (email accounts) these messages were sent to, and whether the messages were successfully delivered.

If, for example, an email account of one or more recipients isn't correct, this can be the reason why notifications are not delivered to these users.

To view the details of the message with a failed status, select the line where the relevant account is listed. On a newly opened panel, you'll find more details on the issue and how to fix it.

For more information about message trace in the Exchange admin center, see this Microsoft documentation article.





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