Users doesn't receive email notifications, how can this be solved?


When users doesn't receive LMS365 email notifications, the cause may be to find in the Office 365 Security settings and/or the LMS365 email account settings.

In this guide, we will go through how you can resolve the issue in these cases.


In this guide


Office 365 Security & Compliance settings


You need to be an admin with Global permissions to access Office 365 Security & Compliance.


As LMS365 uses Office 365 to send email notifications, first of all, when the user does not receive LMS365 email notifications, please visit the Security page (a redirect link is provided below) and check Message Trace to see if any messages were sent to this user:


  • Choose the needed trace or create a new one by clicking Start a trace:


  • When ready click Search.

Here is an example of message trace search results:




LMS365 email account settings

LMS365 email notifications are managed in the LMS3655 Admin Center > Settings > Notifications.

Please see this guide, to see how to enable correct delivery of email notifications and configure an email account that will be used to send email notifications.



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