LMS365 On-Premises Release Notes

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Overview 4

New Features5












Bug fixes11





















Known Issues23


LMS Suite v.4.8 supports SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Server 2016 platforms, includes major improvements to the GradeBook module in LMS courses, and performance optimizations to several REM timer jobs among other improvements.

Important! We forcibly disable the Course Flows integration feature on REM sites which we stopped supporting since v. 4.7.0.

New Features


  • • Compatibility with the Feature Pack 2 for SharePoint Server 2016.

  • • Possibility to change order of items in My Learning Modules Web Part on the Online Registration Details page [SPCORE-1062]

Ordering by Title (all items are sorted in the alphabetical order), Forced Sequential Order (all items are sorted in the order specified for passing on the LMS course) or None (items are sorted by the time they were created) is available.

  • • Possibility to group required and optional curriculums in the web reports using custom field added to the Curriculums list [SPCORE-925]

  • • Possibility to move registration to a different course offering within the same course [SPCORE-3143].

There is possibility to move only active registrations (registrations with ‘Enrolled’, ‘Wait for Approval’, ‘Waiting for Start Date’, and ‘In Waiting List’ statuses); registrations with ‘Course Completed’, ‘Certificate Expired’, ‘Course Not Completed’, and ‘Canceled’ statuses cannot be moved to other course offerings.

After registration has been moved, user will receive a Course Update Notification.



  • • Improvement to existing Delete action button [SPCORE-2967]

Current Delete Item button on Courses, Course Offerings, and Registrations lists gives a possibility of cascade deletion, i.e. when user deletes a course, it will be deleted along with the related course offerings and registrations (if it’s an online course, user’s related data, such as, attempts, assignments, etc. will also be deleted). After clicking Delete Item button, user will see a confirmation message with the information about what exactly will be deleted.

  • • New logic for counting users in LMS license [SPCORE-493]

LMS license counts members of Learners group on LMS courses. If REM is installed on the farm, LMS license counts users who have at least one registration with ‘Waiting for Start Date’ or ‘Enrolled’ status (users who have registrations with ‘Wait for Approval’, ‘Certificate Expired’, ‘Cancelled’, ‘In Waiting List’, ‘Course Completed’ and ‘Course Not Completed’ statuses are not counted in the license only if they are not added to Learners group on LMS course).

CCM licensing was eliminated.


  • • Compliance for course completion with European Aviation Safety Agency [SPCORE-2190]
    As per regulations from European Aviation Safety Agency, there is a specific rule in aviation, which determines the way how validity of each certificate is calculated particularly for the recurrent trainings. It declares that “if the recurrent training is undertaken within the last 3 calendar months of the 12-month period, the new validity period should be counted from the original expiry date”.
    The compliance is ensured by adding new option ‘Extended Validity Period’ in course item under ‘Certificate Expiration’ settings. When the option is enabled, and user completes the same course within X days before certificate expiry, then new validity period of the certificate is counted from the original expiry date.



  • • New Email Template: Course Registration Overdue Reminder [SPCORE-3242]

  • • Improvement to the Enrollment Template: new option ‘Send overdue email reminder to’ with the escalation logic [SPCORE-3243]

  • • Improvement to Course Offerings associated with the Enrollment Template (overdue notifications will be sent only to users specified in the enrollment template if Due Date is set in the Course Offering) [SPCORE-3244]

  • • Grade Book’s “Completion Date” field is not automatically filled with current date value if the value has been set manually before granting the certificate [SPCORE-3246]


  • • Improvement to handling connection problems between content packages attempts and LMS and saving user’s progress [SPCORE-1680]

  • • Course due date settings are moved from Enrollment Template to the Course Offering [SPCORE-2825]

  • • It is possible to select Due Time (time selector is added to the Due Date field) [SPCORE-3148]

  • • Default Due Date value for Material course type is set to 14 Days after enrollment [SPCORE-3146]

  • • Curriculum due date is reset for learners that have been autoenrolled into the course that belongs to the curriculum [SPCORE-2144]

  • • Date format for the period selector in the web reports is changed after regional settings have been changed [SPCORE-3046]

  • • ‘Issued Date’ field is added to the forms where a competency level is granted manually [SPCORE-2099]

  • • Possibility to set course completion date and time when manually changing registration status to ‘Course Completed’ for Classroom and Webinar course types [SPCORE-2100]

  • • The order of ‘Days after the Due Date’ is ascending [SPCORE-2225]

  • • Possibility to edit Terms and Conditions text for the e-signature using ‘E-Signature Message’ on the Material Course Offering creation/edit form [SPCORE-2343]

  • • Approve Enrollments link is added to the Manager’s section on the Dashboard [SPCORE-2433]

  • • ‘Check Group Enrollments’ action button processes only selected Course Offerings (from Course Offerings list) [SPCORE-2482]

  • • Progress bar is added to ELEARNINGFORCE - Reporting Center: Synchronization Job [SPCORE-2781]

  • • Certificate is deleted along with the corresponding registration [SPCORE-3085]

  • • Competency is displayed only once in CCM and REM if it is added to different competency groups [SPCORE-3098]

  • • “Gap Fill” is based on the competency level and user gains competency level progressively [SPCORE-3068]

  • • Changed sorting by title of the first column in custom pickers [SPCORE-1793]

  • • KPI performance improvement to enable ‘Show total KPIs’ by default [SPCORE-95]

  • • Modified CCM e-mail templates so that they contain link back to Dashboard or CCM depending on target recipient of the e-mail [SPCORE-1469]

  • • Improve redirection logic for Material Course Type [SPCORE-3175]

  • • Allowing customers to add more values via the term store to Material Course Type [SPCORE-3176]

  • • Add the possibility for the admin to complete Registrations for Material and Content Package courses [SPCORE-3191]


  • • Performance improvements [SPCORE-2338]

  • • Add targeting pages to course catalog navigation [SPCORE-3041]

  • • Ability to edit certificates. Only Certificate Expiration Date field can be modified [SPCORE-3022]

  • • Impossible to delete System External Course and System External Course Offering [SPCORE-3008]

  • • Custom error message for People Picker in Qualified Teachers field [SPCORE-3004]

  • • Web Report exported to Excel: modified Grid settings are applied to excel file [SPCORE-2625]

  • • Improvements to Grade Book, Registrations, Certificates, and Personal Profiles lists to avoid threshold limits [SPCORE-1932]

  • • Speed up cascade deletion of registrations using batches [SPCORE-3062]

  • • Improvement to ‘Course Not Completed’ status: registrations in any case don't change their statuses when Course Offering becomes Ended [SPCORE-2977]

  • • Improvement to information/error area the installer displays [SPCORE-2976]

  • • Optimization of the ‘ELEARNINGFORCE - REM: Course Offering Maintainer Job’ to handle large number of items on Certificates and Registrations lists [SPCORE-2555]

  • • Claims prefix is not shown on enrollment page in login name field [SPCORE-222]

  • • Improved ‘ELEARNINGFORCE - CCM: User Profile Synchronization Job’ performance when synchronizing with SP [SPCORE-2912]

  • • Changed Course Offering Maintainer Job description [SPCORE-2644]

  • • Improvement to ‘ELEARNINGFORCE - REM: Group Enrollments Job’ [SPCORE-3002]

  • • Improvement to ‘ELEARNINGFORCE - CCM: User Profile Synchronization Job’ [SPCORE-3005]

  • • Cleanup Disabled Users Timer Job cancels active registrations of the disabled users [SPCORE-3112]


  • • Curriculums web part performance [SPCORE-2895]

  • • Cache improvements for Dashboard pages [SPCORE-2930]

  • • CCM Permissions Sync job performance [SPCORE-2894]

  • • CCM UserProfilesSyncJob performance when synchronizing with SharePoint Profiles [SPCORE-2912]

  • • REM: Course Offering Maintainer timer job performance [SPCORE-2896]

  • • Make REM timer jobs log to a REM category in ULS logs [SPCORE-2847]


  • • Removed ‘Create Organization’ link from Central Administration default page [SPCORE-2831]

  • • User’s CCM Profile is deactivated during synchronization if user is not a site user any more (not in employees/people administrators/administrators) [SPCORE-2786]


  • • New Configuration point for Query timeout within the Reporting Center settings page in Central Administration – default setting is no timeout limit.

  • • ‘Short Description’ field is added to the Curriculum form for supporting description in the Mobile App. ‘Description’ field on the Curriculum form is renamed to ‘Long Description’ [SPCORE-2573]

  • • Reporting Center updater changes Reporting Center Database settings for REM after it has run [SPCORE-2689]


  • • GradeBook Redesign & Optimizations [SPCORE-1903]
    Changes include,

    • refactoring of the module to ensure stable updates of grades from learning objects and completion settings,

    • asynchronous checking of learners to improve performance,

    • ability to use AD Groups cache in resolving of learners in LMS course,

    • modern UI of the GradeBook list,

    • corrected item version history,

    • the following areas were deprecated: Student Progress, comments/override grades, adding new banding items, ‘presence’ functionality.

  • • Improvements for ‘Wait for Start Date’ status [SPCORE-2455][SPCORE-2491]
    Label is changed to ‘Waiting for Start Date’, and such registrations are now shown in ‘Current’ and ‘All’ tabs of ‘My Training Overview’, ‘My Courses’ and ‘Courses’ pages in Dashboard. Due Date for such registrations is calculated according to offering start date taking into consideration dynamic due date.

We also introduced a separate timer job for handling changing status of registrations from ‘Waiting for Start Date’ to ‘Enrolled’ with default schedule once in 5 minutes to make it more accurate.

  • • Show registration details page for 'Waiting for Start Date' registrations for Webinar and Classroom course types [SPCORE-2516]

  • • Training Points are displayed for the registrations with ‘Waiting for Start Date’ status in Planned tab of Training Points web part as well as in Web Reports [SPCORE-2566][ SPCORE-2595]

  • • Change behavior of Export to Excel button in web reports to server rendering and allow ability to generate Excel Report without generating in the interface first [SPCORE-2588]

  • • Faster resolving of AD groups in My Training Overview Page in Dashboard when AD Group cache is enabled for REM site []SPCORE-2342]

  • • Performance optimizations for ‘Group Enrollments’ timer job [SPCORE-2478]
    Besides this, it’s also possible to use AD Group Cache for groups added ‘Groups To Enroll’ field using the following commands,
    Enable-LMS365ADCache http://REM_url -AdditionalADGroups domain\group
    (to add additional group to the list of groups)

Enable-LMS365ADCache http://REM_url -AdditionalADGroups domain\group  -ClearAdditionalADGroups $true
(to clear the list of additional groups and add one group)

Enable-LMS365ADCache http://REM_url -ClearAdditionalADGroups $true
(to clear the list of addtitional groups)

Note: Timer job creates registrations using batch operations without receiver, so reporting center synchronization via receivers will not work for ‘registration created’ operation.

  • • Get-LMS365ADCache cmdlet to find which sites are using AD Group Cache [SPCORE-2454]

  • • Set-LMS365ADCache command is split into Enable-LMS365ADCache and Disable-LMS365ADCache [SPCORE-2471]

  • • Added progress to ELEARNINGFORCE - REM: Auto Enrollment Job [SPCORE-2480]

  • • REM is shown in Central Administration management pages if site does not have a title [SPCORE-2522]

  • • Automatically approve registration during manual enrollment flow if current user is LMS Admin [SPCORE-2539]

  • • Project Team report builds successfully if AD group was added to Team Members (only individual users supported earlier) in CCM [SPCORE-2311]

  • • ELEARNINGFORCE - REM: Course Offering Maintainer Job is optimized to handle large number of items in Certificates and Registrations lists [SPCORE-2555]

  • • Updater: Hide Warnings and errors about site id could not be found in logs [SPCORE-2643]

  • • Web service for Mobile App is updated for Curriculums support [SPCORE-2537]

Bug fixes


  • • rem/_layouts/15/settings.aspx page throws Access Denied after migration to a different farm [SPCORE-3169]

  • • The process w3wp.exe was terminated due to an unhandled exception [SPCORE-3190]

  • • Even profiles that were active have gone deactivate [SPCORE-3247]


  • • On the Department Competencies list Competencies fall into the “Ungrouped” category even if they are grouped [SPCORE-3055]

  • • When approvals are needed, the credit amount should be reduced after the registration is approved [SPCORE-666]

  • • There is no record in history when you delete registration [SPCORE-2498]

  • • Change Item Order option stop working in Document as soon as you press Modify view button [SPCORE-3078]

  • • "Expand" button display in Curriculums tab on MTO page in Dashboard [SPCORE-3133]

  • • Add vertical scroll bar to Document view in Learning Module [SPCORE-3141]

  • • Duplicate information in Competency Proficiency Report [SPCORE-3142]

  • • Curriculum prerequisite lock does not affect Fill Gap functionality [SPCORE-3122]

  • • Only direct subordinates can be found when use Browse button when enrolling under Line Manager account; but can search all users from AD in people picker [SPCORE-3096]

  • • System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object error when the user tries to import external certificate for existing course [SPCORE-2868]

  • • Script errors on Department And Project Team Competencies Page in CCM when ELEARNINGFORCE - CCM: Permissions Sync is deactivated [SPCORE-3206]

  • • Return Elearningforce.RC.en-US.resx and Elearningforce.RC.Web.en-US.resx resource files for LMS [SPCORE-3211]

  • • Request timed out when CCM is loading for any user [SPCORE-3214]

  • • "Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined" error when running customer's SCORM [SPCORE-3223]

  • • Technical Administrator's time spent inside e-learning course site is not getting tracked [SPCORE-3222]

  • • "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: startIndex cannot be larger than length of string. " error when uploading SCORM [SPCORE-3236]

  • • "Failed to read resource file "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\Template\Features\CCM_UserProfiles\Resources\Resources.en-US.resx"" error in ULS logs [SPCORE-3237]

  • • Small window in the quiz inside Learning Path when using Oslo masterpage [SPCORE-42]



  • • Dynamic enrollment field information not saved for learners in waiting list [SPCORE-3044]

  • • There are the different icons for the Submit button in Learning Module [SPCORE-2878]

  • • When saving a quiz with "dead scale set" quiz settings become unavailable [SPCORE-2840]

  • • Remove "Suspended" tab from dashboard certificate\my certificates [SPCORE-1133]

  • • Link to a course is not available on LearningPlan.aspx for Blended Course created NOT from template [SPCORE-2754]

  • • Emails not being sent to learners when curriculum assigned if published the curriculum not at the moment of creating [SPCORE-2776]

  • • "System null reference exception" when synching a single profile in Personal Profiles list in CCM [SPCORE-2777]

  • • Set Registration Status to ‘Course Not Completed’ When Offering is Closed option works incorrectly [SPCORE-2808]

  • • "Invalid field name - OverdueNotificationSettings" error in ULS logs in LMS Suite [SPCORE-2789]

  • • Content item styles are not applied in a learning module [SPCORE-2820]

  • • Error on Advanced settings of quiz when ESTC/DK 7-trinsskala/QUIZ easy/Quiz Middle scale is selected [SPCORE-2288]

  • • Quiz with nonexistent Scale Set is created after error message appearance [SPCORE-2686]

  • • "Dead scale set" in assignments after the upgrade [SPCORE-2931]

  • • A learner cannot be enrolled when there is dynamic enrollment field in enrollment template with line manager approval type [SPCORE-2947]

  • • Reporting Center database cannot synchronize for REM in French [SPCORE-2950]

  • • Recommended/Required columns in Course Offering list are displaying values incorrectly [SPCORE-2979]

  • • Change text and URL on CCM default Home page for link "employee assessment page" [SPCORE-1553]

  • • The Execute method of job definition Elearningforce.SharePoint.Infrastructure.Principals.AD.JobDefinition threw an exception. Object reference not set to an instance of an object [SPCORE-2988]

  • • "EnrollmentTemplateSynchronizerThe MERGE statement attempted to UPDATE or DELETE the same row more than once." error during RC db sync when Enrollment Template is checked out [SPCORE-3015]

  • • Registration is changed to 'Course not completed' even if Set Registration Status to 'Course Not Completed' When Offering is Closed=No in registration [SPCORE-2818]

  • • Double email notification for Teacher when he is assigned as a teacher into a course offering [SPCORE-2675]

  • • There is no progress bar in MLWP when a user interrupts an attempt [SPCORE-3001]

  • • AD group from relationship option is not resolved on My Staff page [SPCORE-3059]

  • • There is no information for "Learner" and "Course Link" fields in Course Enrollment Confirmation Email [SPCORE-3102]

  • • Anonymous user sees all courses on Required/Recommended training pages [SPCORE-3082]


  • • "Invalid field name - OverdueNotificationSettings" error in ULS logs in LMS Suite [SPCORE-2789]

  • • Reset DB cache for user after enrollment/change of status [SPCORE-2905]

  • • "Dead scale set" in assignments after the upgrade [SPCORE-2931]

  • • A learner cannot be enrolled when there is dynamic enrollment field in enrollment template with line manager approval type [SPCORE-2947]

  • • Reporting Center database cannot synchronize for REM in French [SPCORE-2950]


  • • Request shouldn't have enrollment date [SPCORE-2837]

  • • Registration status should be 'Course Not Completed' when Course Offering is closed by end date and Option set to change registration status [SPCORE-2839]

  • • GradeBook: Certificate is not displayed in GB when REM is not installed [SPCORE-2717]

  • • CCM SP synchronization: Deactivated profile should change status when user become enabled in AD or his sp profile is created again [SPCORE-2810]

  • • Course Offering status not changed on first click on Synchronize Courses button [SPCORE-2819]

  • • Enrollment doesn't work when file is attached during enrolling [SPCORE-2826]

  • • "Department" and "Job" sections in Gamification web part settings are not showing related information from CCM [SPCORE-2704]

  • • Error: Elearningforce.SharePoint.ReportingCenter.Synchronization.Synchronizers.LMS.GradeSynchronizer Subquery returned more than 1 value [SPCORE-1878]

  • • Error: Error in Elearningforce.SharePoint.LMS.REM.Migrations.Migrations.REM5_5_0_38.FixCourseOfferingsViews The file is not checked out. You must first check out this document before making changes [SPCORE-2687]

  • • Remove "<%@ Register TagPrefix="splms"..." lines from CompletingSettings.ascx control in 4.8.0 [SPCORE-2705]

  • • Curriculum Due Date is not displayed in Curriculum Information window [SPCORE-2740]

  • • Incorrect Earned date for competency in my transcript (for external certificate) [SPCORE-2744]

  • • Link to a course is not available on LearningPlan.aspx for Blended Course created NOT from template [SPCORE-2754]

  • • Send overdue email reminder settings for curriculum disappear after upgrade from 4.7.1 to 4.8.0 [SPCORE-2764]

  • • Emails not being sent to learners when curriculum assigned if published the curriculum not at the moment of creating [SPCORE-2776]

  • • "System null reference exception" when synching a single profile in Personal Profiles list in CCM [SPCORE-2777]

  • • "System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The RPC server is unavailable" error when synchronizing CCM profiles or enrolling AD group into course [SPCORE-2788]

  • • Set Registration Status to ‘Course Not Completed’ When Offering is Closed option works incorrectly [SPCORE-2808]

  • • Return back to REM Courses Synchronization Job: check if 'Enrolled' registration must be update to 'Completed' [SPCORE-2802]


  • • Reporting Center database is not synchronized after updater has run until ELEARNINGFORCE - Reporting Center: Synchronization Job runs [SPCORE-2685]

  • • Script error on loading My Training Overview page when there are no registrations for current user [SPCORE-636]

  • • When trying to cancel a registration Developer tools consoles throws SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'showModalDialog' of undefined or null reference remfunctions.js [SPCORE-1353]

  • • CCM License page error in Central Administration after changes in CCM Profiles list fields settings [SPCORE-351]

  • • There is no possibility to add Course Duration column despite of it is located in SQL Database [SPCORE-2672]

  • • Registration is not changing its status to 'Course Completed' with "Object reference not set to an instance of an object. + Registration: 5802" error in logs [SPCORE-2677]

  • • Learning Module player shows only minutes and seconds when quiz attempt timeout is more than an hour [SPCORE-2679]

  • • "Exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' was thrown. Parameter name: encodedValue " when updating Grade Book after 4.3>4.8 upgrade [SPCORE-2674]

  • • Registrations cannot be created with Custom title using LMS API [SPCORE-2681]

  • • Wrong Timeout message appears when passing Quiz inside Learning Module [SPCORE-2680]

  • • An error 'The security validation for this page is invalid' appears when checking Attendance for offline courses [SPCORE-2690]


  • • Show Training Points for registrations in Certificate Expired status [SPCORE-1277]

    • Dashboard Training Points pages & Transcript report now show points from completed & expired registrations

    • Gamification web part has a new mode added to settings 'Earned Training Points (incl. expired certificates)' to display points from completed & expired registrations.

  • • E-signature not submitting correct password for FBA user [SPCORE-2437]

  • • People who can automatically approve registration requests field does not work for groups [SPCORE-2535]

  • • Enrollment process stops and rolls back when enrolling AD group with enabled and disabled users [SPCORE-566]
    Registration was created during the enrollment of user present in REM but already disabled in AD.

  • • 'Video and Rich Media' feature by is activated by default in CCM, REM, LMS organization and courses site collections [SPCORE-2228]
    This is done to avoid application error when accessing view edit page in images library.

  • • Users with Certificate Expired/Canceled/Course Not Completed registrations should not be displayed in GB in new view [SPCORE-2365]

  • • Impossible to edit item by teacher for column with updated title in Gradebook in a migrated course [SPCORE-2409]

  • • When cancelling course offering don’t cancel registrations in statuses Course Completed & Certificate Expired [SPCORE-2413]

  • • Course name for external certificate does not display in Training Point tab in Dashboard if using bulk upload [SPCORE-2484]

  • • "Go to course site" link in the courses' action menu on dashboard's Teacher area opens blank page [SPCORE-2306]

  • • "Go to full course" button next to the course name in dashboard's Teacher area redirects back to the current page [SPCORE-2305]

  • • Learner's Quiz results disappear from Grade Book after you change quiz settings to show last/best attempts in specific env. [SPCORE-364]

  • • Records in Grade Book are not updated after Learners attempts are deleted [SPCORE-358]

  • • Unable to export PDF Datasheet view from Gradebook [SPCORE-371]

  • • External certificates: Incorrect time in issued Date for imported certificate [SPCORE-2298]

  • • Certificates: Filtering Dates in Column of dates format displayed incorrectly [SPCORE-2300]


  • • Fixes to ‘AD Group Resolver’ timer job [SCORE-2456]

  • • Show interest option does not work for courses on Course Catalog page [SPCORE-2377]

  • • Updater: Error in UpdateAvgScoreInCourseRegistration migration. The given key was not present in the dictionary [SPCORE-2532]

  • • Manager column from User Profile list is empty in Reporting Center [SPCORE-2442]

  • • Course completion confirmation sends two emails at the same time with same subject but different Course Status (online courses) [SPCORE-2520]


  • • Learners do not receive due date reminder notifications [SPCORE-2392]

  • • Specific SCORM file gets an error when are access from outside network [SPCORE-2347]


  • • A file name already exists error when importing external certificates [SPCORE-2303]

  • • Incorrect course title in the imported certificate: External System Course instead of course title [SPCORE-2297]

  • • Error on filter date columns in My Certificates [SPCORE-2299]

  • • 'Send e-mail' to learners is not received when his registration is in Wait For Start Date status [SPCORE-2224]

  • • Due date from course offering and course registration lists displays incorrectly in curriculum report [SPCORE-2193]

  • • Training Points are shown incorrectly on Gamification web part [SPCORE-2232]

  • • Resource with key 'Control_LearningPlan_Status_WaitForStartDate' not found within 'Elearningforce.Dashboard.Web' resource set. on Manage Registrations in Teacher Area in Dashboard [SPCORE-2280]

  • • Extra registration is created while using maximum number of learners in a course offering field and multiple users enroll simultaneously [SPCORE-2128]

  • • Incorrect time for Course offering with Time zone selected on dialog with course offerings [SPCORE-2258]

  • • Removed check for Report model content type when activating Report library feature [SPCORE-2203]

  • • Sorting option does not work on CourseDetails page [SPCORE-1952]

  • • REM Search Query should not allow courses with RegistrationStartDate in the future to appear in Course Catalog [SPCORE-1976]

  • • Unnecessary symbols in Sample values in configuration for refinable string when choose refireners after Crawling new REM site collection with e-learning\blended course based on LMS course [SPCORE-1930]

  • • Course is still locked after curriculum prerequisites are disabled but forced sequential order is not reset [SPCORE-2056]

  • • List view threshold error for manager on Course Offering page when trying to send email to learners [SPCORE-2059]

  • • Thread was being aborted error when site admin opens CCM where domain users group is added to Employees [SPCORE-1934]

  • • Unexpected error performing sync on CCM permissions [SPCORE-1779]

  • • Impossible to change default certificate template for REM courses [SPCORE-1107]
    Use PowerShell command Set-LMS365REMDefaultCertificateTemplate

  • • ‘GO TO FULL COURSE SITE’ text is not working as a link on OnlineRegistrationDetauls.aspx page in non-English environments [SPCORE-1065]

  • • Score after recertification is reset for completed registration in Average score [SPCORE-1897]

  • • Unexpected error in Curriculums tab in Dashboard after deleting a Job in CCM that is used in one of the curriculums [SPCORE-938]

  • • Curriculum: Targeting by Target Audiences doesn't work (curriculum not shown in dashboard) [SPCORE-2163]

  • • Enrollment template: Unchecked 'Value required' is not applied [SPCORE-2152]

  • • Removed excess 'submit' button in quiz feedback (when quiz is inside a learning path) [SPCORE-2140]

  • • Course image is not shown in REM course catalog when opened not from Default zone [SPCORE-739]


  • • Improve migration for Email Templates to avoid case when they are broken after upgrade [SPCORE-1831]
    Warning! Support upgrade flows are as follows,

LMS Suite v.4.4 -> LMS Suite v.4.7

LMS Suite v.4.5.0 -> LMS Suite v.4.7

LMS Suite v.4.5.1 -> LMS Suite v.4.7

LMS Suite v.4.5.2 -> LMS Suite v.4.7

LMS Suite v.4.6 -> LMS Suite v.4.7

If you upgrade from an older LMS version we recommend to do a sequential upgrade.

  • • e-Learning content package Course type is not displayed in Course Type refiner in Course Catalog if there are no e-learning online courses in REM [SPCORE-1778]

  • • Placeholders instead of actual information on Webinar Teacher Details page in REM [SPCORE-1860]

  • • Error uploading SCORM package [SPCORE-1882]

  • • There is no ‘Total Time’ column when editing a report [SPCORE-1675]

  • • Information window in Dashboard and start and end data columns show different time [SPCORE-1626]

  • • Incorrect URL in notification when you use custom and default zones for alternate access mappings [SPCORE-1635]

  • • Changes are not saved when modifying "Attach ICS File To" option in Enrollment Templates [SPCORE-1712]

  • • Is Default option does not work for Certificate Templates used in REM [SPCORE-1738]

Use Set-LMS365REMDefaultCertificateTemplate cmdlet to set certificate template.

Example: Set-LMS365REMDefaultCertificateTemplate http://localhost/sites/rem OfflineClassroom /CertificateTemplates/template.jpg

  • • There is information in Transcript but reports are empty for all users when column is deleted from Profiles list [SPCORE-1749]

  • • Manage registrations should show all offerings/registrations not only available [SPCORE-1580]

  • • Recommeded/Required columns show HTML instead of values in Courses list [SPCORE-1765]

  • • There is no possibility to add ‘Course Title’ column to ExternalCertificates.aspx page [SPCORE-1732]

  • • Course Title is not imported for System External Course when imported via xls [SPCORE-1809]

  • • Competency picker is not working on a specific REM site in SP2016 [SPCORE-1604]

  • • KPI Web Part Stuck on Working on It... when added to Dashboard homepage [SPCORE-1704]

  • • Branching Logic does not work for survey in Learning Module [SPCORE-1767]

  • • No data displays in the competencies column on the Jobs list in CCM [SPCORE-1723]

  • • Video in learning path overlays e-signature modal window although you can still submit it [SPCORE-1560]

  • • Document with future start date is visible to learner after start date was modified (Scheduling Approval workflow is not working as expected in the cloned course) [SPCORE-1618]

  • • Gradebook All Items view is showing error when SCORM column (combined view) is added to the view after migration to SP2013 [SPCORE-922]

  • • ‘Course Catalog’ link is removed after running migration REM5_6_0_5.UpdateCourseCatalog [SPCORE-1841]


  • • After Importing certificates(xlxs file) with images, courses the exported certificates show default values and certificate field becomes empty [SPCORE-1669]

  • • Courses Search Data web part does not allow to change page title on course catalog page [SPCORE-1674]

  • • 'Lrms' is not a valid value for global::Elearningforce.SharePoint.LMS.CourseOption error when creating e-learning course from custom template [SPCORE-1682]


  • • Performance improvement to LMS cache [SPCORE-1546]

  • • Personal profile is showing [object object] under Title field [SPCORE-1632]

  • • Enrollment Template field is not displaying value correct when column added to course offerings list [SPCORE-1566]

  • • Impossible to create a taxonomy scale without defining taxonomy levels [SPCORE-1634]


  • • Simplify REM group enrollment timer job logic [SPCORE-1576]

  • • {registrations:UserID} token not working in notification about enrolled in the training course [SPCORE-1579]


  • • Cannot access Dashboard settings page if you deleted the group assigned to the Teachers drop down in the Dashboard settings page [SPCORE-1333]

  • • Display Error: The display template had an error. Unable to get property 'length' of undefined or null reference when you tab next in catalog search page [SPCORE-1558]

  • • Table style control in the content editor is disabled in Learning Path tool [SPCORE-1541]

  • • System sends two StudentCanceledConfirmation email messages to recipients [SPCORE-1483]

  • • Course Start reminder email is sent to course teacher each time it is sent to Learner [SPCORE-805]

  • • Manager field cannot be filtered and sorted in the profiles list [SPCORE-1547]

  • • Object reference not set to an instance of an object exception when you open Certificates page in Dashboard if curriculums feature is not activated [SPCORE-1552]

  • • Incorrect sorting by date on My Training overview page in dashboard [SPCORE-1417]

  • • Course offering link macros doesn't work in Course offering ended\closed email template sent to LMS admin\Teacher [SPCORE-719]

  • • Timeout error in GradeBook for 100+ learners [SPCORE-1063]

  • • Refreshing LMS course after 5 min standby takes ~16 secin env. with big data [SPCORE-454]

  • • SQL timeout for creating LMS Categories cache kills IIS process [SPCORE-784]

  • • Specific SCORM packages work incorrectly in LMS courses [SPCORE-1088]

  • • SCORM is not fully displayed in dashboard if opened in modal window [SPCORE-722]

  • • Clicking button ‘Close’ in a SCORM with modal option in dashboard reloads the page [SPCORE-855]

  • • Error on trying to delete attempt from SCORM list in REM host site by site collection administrator [SPCORE-802]

  • • Multiple controls with the same ID error when learners try to enroll into Course Flow from course catalog page [SPCORE-1080]

  • • Reporting center shows only score with 100% grades [SPCORE-1076]

  • • SQL timeout for creating LMS categories ache kills IIS process, error in Event Viewer [SPCORE-784]

  • • Cannot open Manage Offerings from the Course list [SPCORE-977]

  • • Impossible to change level of competency for user from dashboard [SPCORE-1126]

  • • Learning Transcript period column shows dates in UTC instead of actual REM time zone [SPCORE-1027]

  • • Tiles in ‘Getting started with your course’ web part get duplicated when creating a course from template [SPCORE-1165]

  • • Enroll action is available for course offering web part on Course Details/Course List/Course Offering list if course is locked by curriculum prerequisite for learner role [SPCORE-673]

  • • {registrations:Student-First-Name} doesn’t work for anonymous users even though the first name is entered on enrollment form [SPCORE-916]

  • • Username contains invalid characters on enrollment form when you try to enroll as user@domain.com [SPCORE-915]

  • • ‘Canceled by Learner’ status when course offering is cancelled [SPCORE-1460]

  • • Unable to edit the properties of the Courses Search web part on Course Catalog Search page [SPCORE-1347]

  • • Empty page in Blended course when you click Cancel button on Course Catalog page [SPCORE-1306]

  • • Course Category Metadata does not reflect properly on Course Catalog when including sub-terms [SPCORE-1274]

  • • Search result does not return courses with set registration period in REM course catalog [SPCORE-1029]

  • • Opening quizlist by learner takes ~3 minutes when course permissions feature is enabled [SPCORE-502]

  • • Invoice is not received and invoice status is No when you enroll a SharePoint group [SPCORE-39]

  • • Attendance time is missing in dashboard after migration from SP2010 to SP2013 [SCPORE-560]


  • • Impossible to change level of competency in dashboard [SPCORE-1126]

  • • Impossible to synchronize information about CCM certificates with Reporting Center [SPCORE-1010]

  • • Gradebook page does not display learners when selecting other learner groups from Group drop-down menu [SPCORE-900]

  • • Completed quiz attempt is frozen when attempting through dashboard [SPCORE-883]

  • • Users from different domains cannot be enrolled in course offering via SharePoint group [SPCORE-675]

  • • Multiple controls with the same ID error when learners try to enroll into Course Flow from Course Catalog Page [SPCORE-1080]

  • • Incorrect dates for Certificates in Dashboard, but correct dates in Gradebook [SPCORE-1100]

  • • "Page cannot be found" when you click the Course Offering name in Dashboard with German Default Language and English as Alternate language [SPCORE-1129]

  • • Tiles in "Getting started with your course" web part get duplicated when creating a course from template [SPCORE-1165]

  • • Allow Resizing setting does not work when SCORM is in Learning Path [SPCORE-1275]


  • • Cannot open Manage Offerings part via Course List on updated REM host [SPCORE-977]

  • • Wrong enrollment dates are used in selected period in web based reports [SPCORE-979]

  • • Exceptions in reporting library connected to SSRS [SPCORE-980]

  • • 'Reporting Services - REM courses and enrollments' report shows user selector but generates expection instead of data [SPCORE-997]


  • • Error when creating blended course from blank template (course is created in LMS but not in REM) under LMS administrator who is added as member of AD group to REM host [SPCORE-840]

  • • SQL timeout kills IIS process when building LMS Categories cache, error in Event Viewer [SPCORE-905]

  • • Force enrol seems to cancel/enrol learners each hour when group member has two records in user list for his account [SPCORE-919]

  • • Username contains invalid characters on enrollment form when you try to enroll as user@domain.com [SPCORE-915]

  • • Exception falls when anonymous user tries to enroll into a course from course details page [SPCORE-904]

  • • {registrations:Student-First-Name} doesn't work for Anonymous users eventhough the First Name field is entered on enrollment form [SPCORE-916]

  • • Show exception error in Reporting Center updater not ULS logs only [SPCORE-835]

  • • Configuration not found error in CCM updater [SPCORE-831]

  • • Object reference error upon deactivating REM publishing site collection feature in a migrated REM host [SPCRORE-913]

  • • Object reference error in AddTeachersToCourseFromOffering migration in REM updater [SPCORE-846]

  • • Item has already been added error in REM updater [SPCORE-801]

  • • Resetting unique permissions migration in REM runs too long when processing large amount of data [SPCORE-836]

  • • Course not shown as completed in Dashboard Transcript via receiver [SPCORE-697]

  • • GradeBook settings set in organization features aren’t inherited for course created from template [SPCORE-762]

  • • Web service for mobile app is updated to show course tools [SPCORE-594]

  • • web.authenticator dll for mobile app is updated to be a part of LMS Suite [SPCORE-570]

  • • Attendance course tool only displays learners from Lightweight Directory Services but not from AD [SPCORE-579]

  • • Course flow map is not displayed when course description has quote sign “ or special character in the end [SPCORE-564]

  • • Error when cloning course via stsadm and creating course from template in UI [SPCORE-692]

  • • GradeBook progress was not reset for some users when enrolling to course again [SPCORE-602]

  • • AD groups cannot be resolved when added to CCM team [SPCORE-604]

  • • WebReports control could not be found or it is not registered as safe error on some environments [SPCORE-577]

  • • Updater error ‘Cannot rename email template type’ for locale other than English [SPCORE-549]

  • • Wrong coding of Russian characters in email notification’s CSV file sent from LMS course report [SPCORE-683]


  • • Action Plan tools aren’t available: js error [SPCORE-543]

  • • Clicking ‘Cancel’ in a quiz within dashboard reloads the whole page [SPCORE-430]

  • • Online course is not completed by event receiver in REM after course is completed by setting custom/existing grade [SPCORE-461]

  • • This content cannot be displayed error (pointing to wrong alternate zone) in dashboard dialog when user enrols to course or curriculum [SPCORE-545][SPCORE-554]

  • • Line manager gets error on attempt to open REM settings [SPCORE-514]

  • • Line manager’s permissions are removed from request item by REM auto enrolment timer job [SPCORE-517]

  • • FBA learners are not shown in GradeBook [SPCORE-511]

  • • Gamification icons are not clear with dark theme [SPCORE-420]

  • • Localization: Action Plan is not translated into other languages [SPCORE-186]

  • • Localization: ‘Ungrouped’ label is not properly displayed in competencies web part [SPCORE-521]

  • • Access required on removing dead configurations from REM under farm admin [SPCORE-195]

  • • Impossible to update ‘Organization Unit’ in Central Administration when managing REM host [SPCORE-473]

  • • User cannot choose answer in quiz on a custom theme [SPCORE-459]

  • • Certificates in dashboard are shown not only for selected user [SPCORE-466]
    Problem reproduced when REM didn’t have certificates, and certificate was located in one course only.

  • • Certificate expiration date is counted from course certificate creation date not course completion date [SPCORE-467]

  • • Different statuses in LMS and SCORM Cloud for specific SCORM package [SCPORE-499]


  • • Course offering name is not displayed in subject of Course Offering Closed|Ended notifications [SPCORE-278]

  • • There is no expiration date for course certificates in Reporting Center SQL reports [SPCORE-81]

  • • Usernames are not shown in ‘Assignments’ web part but ‘prefix: loginname’ [SPCORE-100]

  • • Exception on dashboard training overview page when user is assign a curriculum with no courses [SPCORE-165]

  • • Progress bar in dashboard training overview is duplicated when web part options ‘Time Spent’ is enabled & ‘Total’ is disabled [SPCORE-71]

  • • ‘Page cannot be found’ when you click the course offering name in dashboard in German locale [SPCORE-43]

  • • ‘List does not exist’ error on course catalog search after upgrade [SPCORE-113]

  • • Enrolment confirmation email with ICS attachment shows the time one hour late [SPCORE-226]

  • • CPU spikes 99% in all farm servers while course creation [SPCORE-51]

  • • ‘A term set with the specified name already exists’ REM updater error [SPCORE-258]

  • • ‘My Learning Modules’ not shown on ‘Go To Course’ page (onlineregistrationdetails.aspx?regid=xx) [SPCORE-262]

  • • LMS administrator & Local administrator cannot create REM reports [SPCORE-315]

  • • 'Constants' is an ambiguous reference exception on ‘My Training Overview’ page [SPCORE-349]

  • • Linked document is not opened in an embedded learning path player [SPCORE-88]

  • • CCM takes information from one REM only when several REM hosts are connected to this CCM [SPCORE-320]

  • • Incorrect sorting by date in web parts on Dashboard/TeacherCourseOfferings.aspx page [SPCORE-205]

  • • Quiz Score is counted incorrectly when navigating between pages [SPCORE-391]

  • • Global announcements don’t appear in courses [SPCORE-419]


Known Issues

  • • Competencies aren’t grouped in Department Competencies tool for the selected department [SPCORE-1556]

  • • ELEARNINGFORCE - REM: Group Enrollments site collection feature got deactivated after migration SP 2010 > 2013 [SPCORE-169]

  • • REM Updater removes Text Template page types [SPCORE-171]

  • • "Show Inactive Course" option does not work when you use "Group by Activity Status" in Courses web part [SPCORE-53]

  • • CCM left navigation menu does not respect the locale after upgrade to LMS Suite [SPCORE-155]

  • • Calendar of the subsite is not showing the correct options of being able to create an item [SPCORE-73]

  • • "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error when access /ccm/SitePages/Homepage.aspx after some changes were made to Profiles list fields [SPCORE-921]

  • • Cannot View Web Part or Web Form Control that this page. The type is not found or is not registered as trusted when running Elearningforce.SharePoint.LMS.REM.Updater [SPCORE-583]

  • •  [Specific site] Open course by learner - Trying to use a SPWeb object that has been closed or disp osed and is no longer valid. when course permissions feature is activated [SPCORE-465]

  • • Navigation Settings page is not correct in CCM with sharepoint server publishing feature enabled [SPCORE-1113]

  • • User name is shivering when hovering it in All Users [SPCORE-233]

  • • Wrong message is shown when you try to create course from template under system account [SPCORE-780]

  • • Incorrect title (New Navigation Link instead of New Heading) in dashboard navigation settings page [SPCORE-1093]

  • • Registration status is not changed to ‘Cancelled’ in My Transcript when receivers are checked in RC settings [SPCORE-2612]

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