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New Features

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • New design of the Course and Training Plan creation/edit forms. Now all the fields on these forms are divided into several sections: Course Details, Course Information, Select your Course Tools (with the possibility to select the add-ins)/Training Courses to be included, Course/Training Plan Options, Publishing, Add your Users, Due Date (for e-learning course type and training plans), Certificate, and Course Catalog & Site Image:

Рисунок 457

Рисунок 41

Рисунок 460


  • • Course/Training Plan Web Address is automatically is filled in with the course/training plan name, but can be changed manually by the user [ALMS-6843]

  • • New design of the Image picker [ALMS-7048]:


Рисунок 461

  • • Responsive view on the Course/Training Plan creation and edit forms (after 800px is reached) [ALMS-7036].



LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Top navigation component is replaced to have the standard SharePoint view [ALMS-7083]

  • • Possibility to add the Course Catalog Web Part inside the Web Part Zone [ALMS-7118]

  • • Possibility to set number of courses shown by default per category on the Course Catalog web part [ALMS-7110]

  • • Possibility to set number of Highest Ranked Courses displayed on the Course Catalog web part [ALMS-7111]

  • • Possibility to set the default view of the Course Catalog (Card or List View) and hide view selector from the Course Catalog web part [ALMS-7113]

LMS365 | General

  • • New Email Templates for the Mobile App (Classroom/Webinar Session Updated and Classroom/Webinar Session Cancelled). These notifications are managed in the Admin Center, but are sent only to the Mobile App [ALMS-6998]

Bug Fixes

  • • Server response: 500 when generating Course Report [ALMS-6811]

  • • Gradebook is too slow on courses with many learners [ALMS-6881]

  • • Training Plan Courses WP doesn't work on not modern Training Plan pages [ALMS-6965]

  • • During the second Quiz attempt Submit button cannot be pressed ( Internet explorer) [ALMS-7044]

  • • Users from AD group where prefix is "c:0t.c|tenant|" do not have access to courses [ALMS-7038]


New Features

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • New design of the Course Catalog web part. By default, Course Catalog web part now displays a list of all published courses and training plans. Star rating system is also now available for courses’ and training plans’ evaluation, and as a result, it is possible to display the most popular courses/training plans (depending on their rating) on the web part. Two views of the Course Catalog are available: Card View and Item (list) View [ALMS-5541]:

Рисунок 464

You can see detailed information about the course/training plan by clicking on the card or item area (depending on the view):


Рисунок 469

On the new Course Catalog web part, it is possible to filter courses and training plans by Category as well as by Course Type and Course Date:

Рисунок 470

After you have updated the LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog Add-in to the latest version, you will be proposed to update the Course Catalog web part. After the migration has run, to all courses and training plans a new Home Page will be applied. Please pay attention, that if you replace the old Course Catalog with the new one manually (without running the migration), it will be impossible to enroll in the courses and training plans. New Course Catalog requires New Course/Training Plan Home pages to have the ‘Enroll’ possibility.

  • • Star rating system is now available on the Course and Training Plan Home pages (it is displayed under the course/training plan title). Learner can set and change his own rating for courses with In Progress and Completed statuses [ALMS-5743]:

Рисунок 472

Training Plans are rated separately from courses included into them.

Administrators can manage ratings from the Admin Center (enable/disable showing ratings or hide rating of a specific learner).

LMS365 | General

  • • New logic for the training plan notifications. If courses included into the training plan do not have prerequisites, learner will receive only Training Plan Enrollment Confirmation when enrolls into it, no Course Enrollment Notifications will be sent. If courses have prerequisites inside the training plan, learner will receive Training Plan Enrollment Confirmation when he enrolls into it along with the Course Enrollment Notifications each time learner enrolls into the unlocked course of the training plan. The same logic is applied when learner retakes training plan or unenrolls from it [ALMS-6911].

Bug Fixes

  • • Error message when saving changes made in Quiz [ALMS-6732]

  • • Outotec: Importing Course Completion Records fails [ALMS-6529]

  • • File not found error when deleting course [ALMS-6918]

  • • Priva: Courses web part does not work for Training plans [ALMS-6489]

  • • Certificate Expiration notification is using Expiration Date Value of the latest Certificate issued for this course [ALMS-6471]

  • • License Server Notifications [ALMS-6262]

  • • Old SCORM content in new user attempt after the package has been updated [ALMS-6483]

  • • "SqlDbType.Time overflow. Value '1.00:00:17.6572534' is out of range. Must be between 00:00:00.0000000 and 23:59:59.9999999." error when accessing particular question in Quiz [ALMS-6487]

  • • "An error was reported while committing a database transaction but it could not be determined whether the transaction succeeded or failed on the database server" [ALMS-6456]


New Features

LMS365 | General

  • • New design of the Administration Center that is based on the Office 365 Administration. New design is applied when LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog is installed on the site collection. From the new Administration center it is possible to manage all the add-ins installed on the site collection [ALMS-5390].

Рисунок 463

  • • New logic of the add-ins licensing. Administrators have 14 days period to handle license issues when maximum number of users has been reached or license has expired. There is a possibility for learners to continue working with the LMS during this 14 days period. It is possible to specify whether to send e-mail notifications when maximum number of users is reached and/or number of days when license is about to expire and/or number of days after license is expired, as well as download user license reports, and unenroll users from all courses in order to clean up license (in Notifications and User Administration sections of the License Information) [ALMS-5542].

Рисунок 468

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • New design of the Course and Training Plan Home pages. When creating a course with the add-ins selected, new ‘LMS365 Course’ web part is added to the course site. LMS365 Course Web Part provides the learner with all the Course Information such as Course Description, Learning Modules, and Sessions etc. in one Web Part and supersedes the stand-alone 'My Learning Modules', 'Course Information', 'Course Description' and 'My Assignments' web / add-in parts. From the home pages, it is possible to go to the Administration center, using Course/Training Plan Management links. After Course/Training Plan completion, learner will be granted the certificate, which he will be able to download from the Course/Training Plan home page [ALMS-5540].

Рисунок 465



LMS365 | General

  • • Removed SideLoading feature activation from prerequisites of the course creation process [ALMS-5401]


LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Possibility to add short and long description whilst creating a course or a training plan. Short description is displayed on the Course Catalog, and long description is displayed in the Course/Training Plan Description web part. Rich-text editor is available for this field (allows inserting YouTube video, upload a video, an image or a file from local computer) [ALMS-5923].

Рисунок 1345054548

  • • Message about not activated ‘Custom Scripting’ is added to the course/training plan creation form in order to avoid ‘Access Denied’ issues [ALMS-4228]

LMS365 | Quiz Builder

  • • Quiz UI enhancements [ALMS-5546]

Bug Fixes

  • • Search-driven course catalog is not working after moving to separate data centers [ALMS-5918]

  • • Users cannot see the image inside the quiz [ALMS-5899]

  • • There is a possibility to add users in Cc field only from drop-down menu when editing notifications [ALMS-5895]

  • • When failing Quiz in the LM you do not have possibility to press "Next" button and go further to the next part of LM [ALMS-5875]

  • • Embedded Office Video do not Launch in Learning Module if "Resize the player to fit the screen" chosen [ALMS-5874]

  • • To unify column's title on View Learners details page and in report for SCORM Add-in [ALMS-5639]

  • • Course link that contains spaces is displayed incorrectly by Outlook [ALMS-5584]

  • • Course Catalog backend and Learning Module backend pages are blank in IE 11 [ALMS-5532]



 Bug Fixes

  • • There are no English labels at several lines on language files page [ALMS-5404]

  • • Dates format in Dashboard web part is not respecting Regional settings of SPO site collection [ALMS-5383]

  • • "The remote event receiver callout didn't return a successful result" error when trying to add any App into the course [ALMS-5199]

  • • Course period is moved one hour behind actual time in Course Catalog (Pacific Timezone UTC-8) [ALMS-5195]

  • • Error message in English when there is an incorrect date format on Manage Session page in Japanese localization [ALMS-5389]

  • • 404 error on getting https://assets.365.systems/Content/Styles/Course/styles.css [ALMS-5406]

  • • The license counts a group as a single user instead of ignoring it [ALMS-5412]


New Features

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Webinar Course Type [ALMS-2854]

Рисунок 462


This course type allows creating web meetings with the specified number of attendees (you can limit maximum attendees).

  • • Multiple Classroom/Webinar sessions – one course can have many sessions and learners can enroll into all or into a single course session depending on the settings [ALMS-4273]



LMS365 | General

  • • Improvement for processing big AD groups [ALMS-5135]

Bug Fixes

  • • Course is not displayed in Course Catalog in customer's training site [ALMS-5134]

  • • Problems using LMS API (enroll user) [ALMS-5216]



LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Redesigned Course catalog web part (with no iframes) [ALMS-4353]

  • • Changed the logic of displaying Ended courses in Dashboard [ALMS-5052]

 Bug Fixes

  • • UI. Label 'Select Training Courses' is shifted after course selection [ALMS-4848]

  • • Some symbols are not displayed in transcript report [ALMS-4837]

  • • Training plan info is overlapped by active buttons in the Course Catalog Add-in part [ALMS-4771]

  • • Unnecessary scroll when choosing image for certificate [ALMS-4762]

  • • Scroll in content field doesn't work in Certificate creation/editing [ALMS-4758]

  • • Answer validation message overlaps other elements in question while editing quiz [ALMS-4628]

  • • Unnecessary scrolling appears in LP if open TOC [ALMS-4431]

  • • There are assignments tasks for learners who were removed from AD/Learners group [ALMS-4862]

  • • Localization: English text appears in Quiz reports despite custom language application [ALMS-4834]

  • • There is no possibility to use Enter button in course description in IE11 [ALMS-2631]

  • • Dashboard web part is not displaying Course pictures on pages of web part type [ALMS-5056]

  • • Localization: Assignments' details are in English in mobile view [ALMS-4833]

  • • Unify displaying of course title in Transcript report to the left (not pdf) on mobile [ALMS-4945]

v. 1.5.11

New Features

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Ability to select which columns to show on each tab of My Training Dashboard Add-in Part (both for Personal and Team View modes) [ALMS-3966]

Picture 1345054464


LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Redesigned My Training Dashboard web part (with no iframes) [ALMS-3390]

  • • Courses are displayed in CEUs tab of My Training Dashboard inside corresponding Training Plan after Training Plan completion [ALMS-4812]

  • • Courses included in Training Plans are displayed according to their statuses in Dashboard Tabs [ALMS-4828]

  • • Additional date tokens that users can use on certificates are added into certificate template (into Content field description) [ALMS-4544]


LMS365 | Learning Module Builder

  • • Block Model is used for the responsive UI in Learning Module Builder [ALMS-4838]


LMS365 | API

  • • New features implemented for the support of the Mobile App [ALMS-4367]

  • • API v2: Add Quiz Score data (as percentage) [ALMS-4371]


Bug Fixes

  • • Localization: some labels are not localized on courses after creation [ALMS-4339]

  • • Learning Module Navigation controls haven't got enough space between each other on French/Deutsch locale [ALMS-4610]

  • • Integration with OneNote: Error When Setting Up An Assignment [ALMS-4701]

  • • Redirect URL in MLAP Add-in Part and My Quizzes Add-in Part does not work correctly when trying to pass the quiz [ALMS-4608]

  • • "When writing a JSON response, a user model must be specified and the entity set and entity type must be passed to the ODataMessageWriter.CreateODataEntryWriter method" error after modifying a query in Power BI and pressing Close & Apply button [ALMS-4726]

v. 1.5.10

New Features

LMS365 | Learning Module Builder

  • • Publishing enables you to schedule when you want your Learning Module to become available to your learners [ALMS-4121]
    Рисунок 474

  • • Content Editor allows you to add your own content to Learning Modules incl. embedding images, videos, etc. [ALMS-4056]


LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Responsive Course Catalog app part [ALMS-3930]
    Рисунок 475

Improved usability for ‘Learners’ field during creation of course and training plan [ALMS-3497]
The 'Learner' entry field is now only used to add new users and provides you with a new method to remove your users from the course either as individuals or in bulk.
Рисунок 477
To remove learners simply click on the 'Manage Enrolled Users' link that will bring up a modal from where you can search for, and select the learner(s) you wish to remove.


LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Show Not Started / In Progress / Completed statuses in course catalog reports instead of Not Completed / Completed [ALMS-3971]

  • • Added 'Course Due Date' to Course Catalog Add-in Part [ALMS-2904]

  • • Added 'Course Due Date' variable to the Course Enrollment Confirmation email [ALMS-3448]

  • • Added 'Expiry Date' variable to the Certificates [ALMS-3393]

  • • Added 'Enrollment Date' to the Course Catalog Report [ALMS-2744]

  • • Ability to add {LEARNERS} variable to 'Classroom Scheduled' notification [ALMS-3447]

LMS365 | General

  • • User Name and Email address updates in Office 365 are automatically reflected in LMS365 [ALMS-3731]

  • • Disabled AD Users are hidden in Dashboard app part, reports, filtered out in API [ALMS-3803]

  • • Mobile view is applied from resolution 1024 * 768 [ALMS-4418]


LMS365 | API

  • • Integrate LMS365 WebHooks with Microsoft Flow & LogicApps [ALMS-4025]
    Read more at the
    following page.

  • • Add property ‘UserId’ [ALMS-4238]

LMS365 | Learning Module Builder

  • • Show ‘In Progress’ completion status instead of ‘Continue’ in learning module reports [ALMS-4249]

LMS365 | SCORM & AICC Player

  • • Limit number of attempts to 1 for Lynda.com AICC Packages to align with Lynda.com [ALMS-4202]

Bug Fixes

  • • Office documents are shown in the small frame when passing Learning path [ALMS-4410]

  • • There is an error in XML document on MLAP after creating learning path with content with &0x0B character [ALMS-4413]

  • • Learner is getting Object reference not set to an instance of an object. on the course site which was included into a deleted training plan [ALMS-4417]

  • • JS error in dashboard if expand completed deleted training plan [ALMS-4419]

  • • Reports for individual courses can’t be seen after they have been assigned to training plan [ALMS-4271]

  • • The settings are not stored after editing font, size, positioning etc. in a certificate template [ALMS-4270]

  • • Error appears after changing userlogin if retake TP or edit assignment [ALMS-4381]

v. 1.5.9

New Features

LMS365 | Quiz Builder

  • • Ordering and Matching Question Types [ALMS-3841]
    The Ordering Question Type will require the Learners to place items in a particular sequence by simply dragging and dropping the options till they are in the correct order:

The Matching Question Type allows you to create questions where the learner has to find the corresponding item and match them with the item on the left by dragging it across. This question type supports formatting text as well as images as shown in the example below:

Both Question Types are responsive and will adjust to the device it is viewed on. For the Matching Question Type it will change the method from Drag & Drop to selecting the corresponding item as shown below:

LMS365 | SCORM & AICC Player

  • • Support for AICC compliant packages [ALMS-3495]
    As a result, the player has now been renamed to 'LMS365 | SCORM & AICC Player' and 'SCORM Storage' to 'Content Packages'.

Adding AICC to the player has meant a small change in the flow of the 'Upload Process'. 
The first step now is:


Once the Content Package has been uploaded to LMS365 the usual Modal will be displayed requesting details such as the name and description:


Depending on the package type detected it will give the relevant 'Advanced Settings'.
For SCORM, the settings have remained unchanged, for AICC you now have the following settings:


LMS365 | General

  • • Ability to make add-ins responsive for Seattle and Oslo master pages [ALMS-3960]
    With default Seattle and Oslo master pages a SharePoint site does not look responsive, and provides a full-screen computer experience on mobile devices. However, it is possible to create a responsive user experience by applying certain configuration to the site, see more details on that in the
    following knowledgebase article.

Bug Fixes

  • • Impossible to approve\reject enrollment request from course with LMS Admin approval via Manager Dashboard [ALMS-4173]

  • • Courses from Deleted Training Plans aren't displayed in Dashboard [ALMS-3877]

  • • Course Provisioning hangs on resolving users from Learners field when large number of users is added there [ALMS-3978]

v. 1.5.8

New Features

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

NOTE: You need to update the Course Catalog app to be able to use the new features added in this release.

  • • Training Plans [ALMS-2761]

The new Training Plans feature will enable you to combine a collection of training courses and assign these to your learners in the same manner as you would for a single course:

Each of the Training Plans can have courses included that can have prerequisites allowing you to control the sequence of how the learners are taking the courses. Each Training Plan will have the same features as the courses such as Certificate, Certificate Expiry, Due Date, Publishing etc.

  • • Transcript [ALMS-3150]

The Learner Dashboard will have a new tab added which allows the learner view and download the Training Transcript:


  • • Manager Dashboard [ALMS-2762]

The Manager Dashboard allows Managers (as set up in Active Directory) to see an overview of the training of all their direct reports as well being able to drill down into the direct reports and see how their staff are performing.
From the Manager Dashboard the Manager can View Course Information, Approve Enrollment Requests, View & Print Learner Transcripts:


  • • Support for Office 365 Groups & Mail Enabled Security Groups [ALMS-3389]

Now it is possible to resolve in courses and training plans groups that were created within Azure AD, such as "Office 365 group", "Security Group", "Mail-enabled security group"


LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Redesign of Course Creation Process [ALMS-3351]
    Redesign of Course Creation Process from Synchronous to Asynchronous allowing the Course Administrators to continue creating new courses whilst others are being prepared in the background:
    Improved logic for sending notifications each time a Classroom & Blended Course type is updated.

  • • Learner Dashboard Changes [ALMS-3374]
    Reorganized dashboard tabs which will provide the learner with a new clean overview of all their training focusing in the first place on the training they are currently taking and allowing them to filter using the tabs. All tabs can be enabled / disabled through the app part settings. Ability to filter on 'Due Date', 'Progress' & 'CEUs'

  • • Dashboard header: hide CEUs and ranking if they are empty [ALMS-3944]

  • • Responsive Design for Dashboard pages [ALMS-3429]

  • • Improved behavior when classroom details are updated [ALMS-3536]

    • when attendees are changed send notification to only those who are added or removed

    • send updates to all attendees when other classroom properties are changed

    • users who have completed classroom should not receive notification updates

  • • Web hook improvements [ALMS-3435]

    • Added a ‘Date’ or ‘TimeStamp’ property with UTC value in ISO 8601 format

    • Added CourseId to all web hook data objects

  • • API v.2 improvements [ALMS-3445]

    • Ability to Download Certificate /Certificates(id)/Content

  • • Dashboard header: hide CEU’s and ranking if they are empty [ALMS-3944]

LMS365 | Learning Module Builder, Quiz Builder & SCORM Player

  • • Administration User Interface improvement where the actions icons have been replaced with the 'Fly Out' menu as previously done with the course creation page. [ALMS-3186]

Bug Fixes

  • • Locked courses are displayed as unlocked for external user in Dashboard [ALMS-4024]

  • • Course is not unlocked on dashboard although unlocked in the courses add in on training plan site [ALMS-3951]

  • • Course from Training plan isn't shown in dashboard tabs of Dashboard Personal view if TP is not shown to user [ALMS-3910]

  • • Responsive. Problem with localization: Labels turn to English when content is resized [ALMS-3927]

  • • Triple Trust Links on Course Site when course is created with Apps [ALMS-3939]

  • • Unenroll icon is shown in dashboard when user was enrolled as member of AD group [ALMS-3943]

  • • Settings gear icon is shown to all roles instead of catalog admins and course teachers [ALMS-3933]

  • • Scrollbars on My Learning app part with custom master page [ALMS-3482]

  • • Fixed issue when teacher gets SCORM reloaded when he clicked Next button in review mode [ALMS-3441]

  • • Cannot close the window when a teacher views learner’s SCORM attempt [ALMS-2621]

  • • "CEUs" Label has green color in mobile view [ALMS-3965]

  • • Leaderboard sorting actions doesn't work on mobile screen (dashboard personal view) [ALMS-3973]

  • • Timezone isn't counted in Excel Dashboard document for DueDate column [ALMS-3914]

  • • No item(s) found on Dashboard Team View after pressing "Close" button on Approve registrations form [ALMS-3916]

  • • User with Course Trainer role is not enrolled into completed course on Course Catalog after re-enroll in Training Plan [ALMS-3954]

v. 1.5.7

New Features

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Classroom & Blended Course Types [ALMS-2760]
    Create Classroom and Blended Learning Courses and Schedule Meeting Rooms in Office 365 straight from LMS365. You can limit maximum attendees to fit your meeting room, print attendance sheet in word for classroom sign-in, bulk register attendance and set minimum required attendance to pass course.


NOTE: All existing Course will be updated to 'e-Learning' type and the 'Course Type' Selector in the Course Creation page has been removed.

Before scheduling rooms, you need to make sure you created them in Office 365. For more information check the following configuration steps. After that make sure the Office 365 Account used for email notifications has sufficient rights to be allowed to book the rooms:


  • • Course Information Add-in Parts [ALMS-3054]
    We added two new add-in parts (web parts) to the Course Home Page, these will be automatically added to all newly created courses. Check the following page for steps to add the add-ins to your existing courses.

    • Course Description

      • ▪ This will show the Course Description directly on your Course Home Page

    • Course Information

      • ▪ This will show information depending on the course type and include:

      • ▪ Start Date

      • ▪ End Date

      • ▪ Due Date

      • ▪ Classroom Location

      • ▪ Course Trainer

      • ▪ Course Credits / CEUs



LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Enhanced Course Administration with new 'Fly Out' Action Menu [ALMS-3015]

  • • ‘Warning’ sign next to ‘Actions’ items when there is any action to be done [ALMS-3021]
    Picture 26

  • • Responsive Pages on Mobile Devices for Learning Module Builder, Quiz Builder, SCORM Player [ALMS-3124]

  • • Optimize column width in Course List table [ALMS-3188]

Bug Fixes

  • • ‘Course Due Date Reminder’ and ‘Course Due Date Passed’ notifications are sent to Learners who have already completed their training [ALMS-3711]

  • • "User cannot be found" error message when Learner tries to continue his Learning Module attempt [ALMS-3646]

  • • The error when creating a course from custom template (saved from a course) [ALMS-3489]

  • • Quiz content is displayed at the bottom not top of the Learning Module [ALMS-3444]

  • •  ‘Select Scale Set’ drop-down is rendered behind dialog window, it’s not possible to select Scale Set in Assignments & GradeBook app [ALMS-3353]

  • • Error ‘The model item passed into the dictionary is of type…’ when getting to any quiz in a course of a specific tenant [ALMS-3316]

  • • Error in Course catalog after the tenant provisioning [ALMS-3322]

  • • Fixes of Azure pages for end-user flow to be responsive in mobiles [ALMS-3179]


 Bug Fixes

  • • "Uncaught syntaxError: missing ) after argument list" when deleting or editing SCORM with ' in Title in SCORM storage [ALMS-3064]

  • • Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.QuizUserStats' error when opening Quiz or LM in the course [ALMS-3057]

  • • Getting an error - "Oops! An error occurred!" when trying to run specific SCORM package [ALMS-3010]

  • • User gets "The model item passed into the dictionary is of type 'Elearningforce.LMS.WebApplication.Areas.LearningPath.Models.QuizViewModel..." error message while passing the course. [ALMS-2918]

v. 1.5.5

New Features

LMS365 | Quiz Builder

  • • Quiz question review [ALMS-2500]

  • • Implement 'auto-save' for quiz questions [ALMS-2754]


LMS365 | General

  • • Default attempt value to 1 in Quiz and SCORM [ALMS-2856]

  • • Change title 'E' to 'F' in the Default USA scale set value [ALMS-2834]

  • • Default to 'Contains' instead of 'Is Equal' in Kendo tables [ALMS-2765]

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Enhancement to course creation page: add border about options Template, Course Type, Enrolment Flow [ALMS-2839]

Bug Fixes

  • • The site immediately opens in a separate tab when adding a webpage as a part of the learning module [ALMS-2866]

  • • Can't close table of contents by pressing on its collapse icon in Learning Module [ALMS-1027]

v. 1.5.4

New Features

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Webhooks [ALMS-2785]

The events (filters) you can subscribe to at current moment are as follows:

    • CourseEnrollment,

    • CourseUnenrollment,

    • CourseStarted,

    • CourseCompleted,

    • CoursePublished,

    • CourseUnpublished

List of the events will be extended in future. Read more at the following page.

LMS365 | General

  • • Support apps in on-premise installation [ALMS-2357]

Bug Fixes

  • • Dates are not displayed according to locale (date format) [ALMS-2186]

  • • Course Published notification won't be sent if admin removed course end date [ALMS-2783]

v. 1.5.3

New Features

LMS365 | General

  • • Disabled/Deleted users are not shown in training dashboard, and not counted by the license. Disabled users are shown under deleted users in reports [ALMS-2503]

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Course Publishing [ALMS-2501]

    • Publish / Unpublish your Courses

    • Schedule duration of your courses availability with optional Start & End Dates

    • Email Notifications confirming Course Publishing activities

    • Additional 'Courses Ended' Tab in 'My Training Dashboard'

  • • Course Due Date [ALMS-2501]

    • Set Relative Due Date calculated from Enrolment Date

    • Set Fixed Due Date

    • Email Reminder Notifications approaching Due Date

  • • Certificate Expiry [ALMS-2646]

    • Set Relative Expiry Date from Course Completion Date

    • Set Fixed Expiry Date

    • Retake of existing Course during Expiry Notification Period

    • Email Reminder Notifications approaching Certificate Expiry Date


LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Make course administrators field required on course creation form and place current user course admin by default [ALMS-2764]

  • • Additional notification for Learner about the ‘Course Ended’ (Learners are removed from default recipients of Published/Unpublished notification) [ALMS-2771]

  • • Ability to get Date of Enrolment, Publishing Start Date, Publishing End Date, Due Date via OData [ALMS-2736]

  • • Additional Tabs on 'Certificates' page 'My Training Dashboard' to filter between Valid & Expired Certificates [ALMS-2725]

  • • Additional Date Fields in views 'Certificates' page 'My Training Dashboard' [ALMS-2725]

  • • Visitors Group to allow 'Read Only' access to Course Site [ALMS-2633]

This feature is added to facilitate using the SharePoint Search Catalog and allow enrolment from the Course Home Page

  • • Trim spaces in Tags and Categories to avoid ‘duplicate’ like entries [ALMS-2595]

  • • Remove ‘mouse over’ for the ‘Your course has been created’ as it behaved like a link [ALMS-2575]

  • • Allow user to resize the course details field [ALMS-2545]

  • • Change default font in email notifications to Segoe UI', Arial, sans-serif [ALMS-2574]

LMS365 | SCORM Player

  • • Removed navigation header when navigation is not selected enabling full usage of screen space

  • • Added additional 'Exit' text and icon to improve usability

LMS365 | Quiz Builder

  • • Ability to get quiz information via OData [ALMS-2260]

Bug Fixes

  • • Cannot overwrite existing SCORM Package [ALMS-2746]

  • • ‘Request timed out’ error during course deletion [ALMS-2628]

  • • There are two app parts on course home page when course contains quiz and SCORM apps [ALMS-2629]

  • • Some learners cannot see a course in Dashboard [ALMS-2191]

  • • Earned certificates & CEU should be shown in training dashboard if course is deleted from catalog [ALMS-2372]

  • • Picture from quiz was not displayed on course site if quiz was created on course/sub site [ALMS-2586]

v. 1.5.2

 New Features

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Email notifications [ALMS-2365]
    In order to make email notifications available on your tenant you need to configure outgoing email settings in Course Catalog admin part > Settings >LMS Settings > Notifications > Email Configuration. You will need to specify a valid Office 365 email address from your tenant which will be used to send email notifications, and password of this account:

Picture 23

There are seven predefined email templates which you can modify using the rich text editor and available variable fields. You can disable each type of notification and leave only the ones you need.


  • • Enrollment flows [ALMS-2337]

Enable or disable the needed enrollment flows in Course Catalog admin part > Settings >LMS Settings > Enrollment Flows. The flows that you enable will become available on course create/edit forms:

Picture 471

    • Automatic Approval – approval is done by the system after user enrolls in the course (enrollment requests are automatically created with the Enrolled status);

    • Line Manager Approval – enrollment request should be approved or rejected by the Line Manager (manager property from Azure AD);

    • LMS Administrator Approval – enrollment request should be approved or rejected by the LMS Administrator (owner of the site where course catalog is installed);

If no Enrollment Flow is selected enrollment request is not created but users will receive notifications. When Line Manager Approval or LMS Administrator Approval enrollment flows for the course are selected, learner who enrolls in the course will see ‘Pending Approval’ status for this course in the Course Catalog & Dashboard. He will be able to cancel enrollment before his request is approved or rejected by clicking Cancel button next to the name of the course.


Line Managers will be able to approve or reject a request using the links from an email notification. They should be visitors on the site where course catalog is added in order to be able to do that.

LMS administrators are owners of site where course catalog is added, and can also view requests in the course list, as well as export them to Excel:

Picture 473



LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • New user interface for create/edit a course [ALMS-2274]

  • • Course administrators field is made non-required [ALMS-2495]

Bug Fixes

  • • When site collections have the same ID, and course catalog is installed on both, courses from both site collections are shown in the admin part of the course catalog [ALMS-2564]

  • • Text for course catalog notifications is not localized in emails [ALMS-2440]

  • • Date completed is shown in UTC in notification [ALMS-2492]

  • • Newline is ignored in notifications [ALMS-2489]

  • • Cancellation message appears when you create a course with Enrollment flow but then edit course and change to Select Enrollment Flow [ALMS-2512]

  • • Localization fixes in quizzes add-in [ALMS-2227]

v. 1.5.1

New Features

LMS365 | API

  • • Implement Enroll/Unenroll API methods [ALMS-2255]

  • • LMS365 API OAuth authentication [ALMS-2326]


LMS365 | Quiz Builder


  • • The Add-in provides ability to deliver, track and record assessments. It can be installed either as a stand-alone Add-in or as a part of the LMS365® solution. The LMS365 | Quiz Builder Add-in is designed to create quizzes that can be used as intermediate or final tests in the learning process. A Quiz is a type of examination consisting of several question types such as Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True or False. The interactivity that quizzes provide get Learners more interested and involved in the learning process.


  • • Exclude from license count anyone from Visitors group of the site where course catalog is installed [ALMS-2352]

  • • Improvement for SharePoint Security Groups in the created course sites [ALMS-2318]

    • additional unique ‘Visitors’ group is created with READ permission level

    • Catalog Owners group are owners for all groups created on the course site

  • • Unique groups are created in course created from template (they were taken from the template site before) [ALMS-2287]c

  • • Added validation of default organization in SCORM manifest [ALMS-2298]

  • • Packages are updated with new logo [ALMS-2325]

  • • Image handling, when a Quiz is shared and re-used in other courses learners will see the images even when not enrolled to that course [ALMS-2294]

  • • Course Administrator will receive a notification when uploading images if the add-in has not been trusted. The Add-in must be trusted after course creation in LMS365. See 'Trust Link' [ALMS-2295]

  • • Adjustment of maximum width of a PDF or Word Document to make it more readable on a high resolution screen [ALMS-2300]

  • • Invert the icon in Quiz Statistics List Drop Down [ALMS-2290]

  • • User should be able to click only on module’s title and action button not grid row in the add-in MLAP [ALMS-2059] [ALMS-2249]

  • • Add Quiz/SCORM to Learning Path via selection from dialog like it’s done for embedded item [ALMS-2060]

  • • Separate configurations for each add-in when using different add-in parts on a single page [ALMS-2248]

  • • Improved access denied messages [ALMS-2132]

  • • Reference to support e-mail address in all error messages [ALMS-2089]

Bug Fixes

  • • French localization: Impossible to create/edit/delete scale set [ALMS-2291]

  • • Fix for SCORM app not working when app was installed on site with '&' in URL [ALMS-2312]

('Oops, something went wrong.' error is in administration)

  • • Something went wrong. Session has expired error on app parts before user opens the admin panel in Safari [ALMS-1822]

‘Refresh’ button will be present on course catalog app part, rest of app parts will be opened fine.

  • • Permissions for groups are not created automatically upon creating course from custom site template [ALMS-2109]

  • • Users from Visitors group are included in Course Catalog license count [ALMS-2140]

  • • More intuitive message instead of No License exception on Course Catalog app admin panel [ALMS-1356]

v. 1.5.0

New Features

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • My Training Dashboard add-in part [ALMS-1858]
    My Training Dashboard is a configurable add-in that is part of the course catalog app which enables your learners to get an overview of all their training. It will show the learners the courses they are taking, the courses in progress, courses completed, their Continuing Education Units (CEUs), their certificates obtained and a Leader board. Each of these items can be enabled / disabled by editing the Add-in Part.

Picture 27

  • • Ability to remove course completion status and certificate [ALMS-1912]

Often it is required to remove the test data when the course goes live, and this option will help facilitate this process. On the course details page of course catalog administration there’s a new delete icon (Picture 30) available for users who completed the course that opens a dialog for confirmation:

Picture 29

Course completion is deleted, and certificate is marked as deleted upon confirmation.

LMS365 | SCORM Player

  • • SCORM content is loaded only from SCORM domain even when it’s played from Learning Path app part [ALMS-1958]

Bug Fixes

  • • ‘The resource cannot be found’ error appears if you try to download SCORM package [ALMS-2026]

  • • iPad. Reports table shouldn’t not have scroll bar in course catalog|SCORM|learning path add-in [ALMS-1834]

  • • Item does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user error in Learning Path with presentation which contains ‘ – ‘ character in title [ALMS-1992]

v. 1.4.2

New Features

LMS365 | Learning Module Builder

  • • Confirmation page inside a learning path that allows to ensure learner has read and understood the learning module [ALMS-1350]

Picture 20

  • • Ability to add links into a learning path [ALMS-1507]

Picture 22

The system auto detects the document type and tries to play it in the embedded player, otherwise opens the file in the new tab.

LMS365 | SCORM Player


SCORM settings are unified for all sites of the tenant. Changes made for a package are applied to all tenant sites.

  • • New design for SCORM Player including single navigation when inside a learning path [ALMS-252]

  • • Redesigned administration pages incl. uploading & managing SCORM packages [ALMS-1579]

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Ability to edit/delete categories and tags [ALMS-1305]


  • • Support for OData service to get information about learning paths, SCORM packages & user statistics [ALMS-1532]
    Access key is provided on request. Please contact support to get more information on that.

  • • Rebranding Learning Path app & renaming of apps to add-ins [ALMS-1697]

LMS365 | SCORM Player

  • • Trial license is limited to 30 days with no restrictions for users or packages [ALMS-1722]

  • • Align the way SCORM add-in detects learners similar to other add-ins [ALMS-223]

    • when add-in is installed as stand-alone all users from ‘Visitors’ group will be considered learners

    • when add-in is a part of a course all users from ‘Learners’ group will be considered learners

  • • Ability for SCORM player to look for manifest inside a folder [ALMS-1342]

  • • Ability to sort SCORMs in My Learning app part [ALMS-1462]
    Packages are sorted the same way as order is set in SCORM Player admin page

  • • Replace My Learning app part in SCORM add-in for the one like in learning path [ALMS-1475]

  • • Show in separate window option is disabled by default on SCORM edit page [ALMS-1713]

  • • On/Off text is added to toggle switch to make it more clear which option is selected [ALMS-1721]

LMS365 | Learning Module Builder

  • • Ability to hide SCORM when inside a learning path in My Learning app part [ALMS-1472]

  • • Ability to edit the already added Embed item in learning path [ALMS-1474]

  • • Default for My Learning app part is set to show learning paths first, then SCORMs [ALMS-1758]

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Add ability to see course list by course catalog administrator and Edit/Delete course in case of invalid license [ALMS-1906]

  • • Redesigned course catalog page [ALMS-1469]

  • • New course list page which give an overview of the course statistics [ALMS-642]

Picture 1

  • • All available/Enrolled/Required/Options tabs show courses whether they are completed or not [ALMS-1464]

  • • Add link to Course Catalog site not page after creating a course [ALMS-1470]

  • • Default text is removed from course home page [ALMS-1522]

Bug Fixes

  • • Floating: Token request failed on course catalog app part [ALMS-1634]

  • • Course Teacher (visitor in Course catalog) gets “You are not permitted to view this page” by clicking delete course button [ALMS-1901]

  • • Error after specific SCORM completion [ALMS-1897]

  • • Site collection default groups are deleted when a course created from template is deleted [ALMS-1874]

  • • ‘Next’ button is enabled in learning path in confirmation item even if it isn’t checked [ALMS-1886]

  • • List of users’ attempts fails to display for over 1500 users [ALMS-1884]

  • • Specific SCORM package hangs on loading with resource unavailable error in network logs [ALMS-1879]

  • • Always use HTTPS for api.365.systems [ALMS-1882]

  • • Return filter & ‘Redirect URL’ options in My Learning Modules add-in part for SCORM add-in, and make them available in add-in part of Learning Module Builder add-in [ALMS-1862] [ALMS-1866][ALMS-1865][ALMS-1867]
    It will be possible to show specific learning modules on a page with My Learning Modules add-in part should that be necessary. You will need to modify the add-in part’s property and add learning modules’ titles separated with semicolon for modules which you want to show on the page:

Picture 19

The ‘Redirect URL’ option is also optional and may be used to direct users to a custom page after they finished the attempt. Redirect works for ‘Exit’ & ‘Pause’ buttons in learning path, and ‘Finish’ button for SCORMs.


In order to see these options in add-in parts you need to have ‘Custom Script’ options enabled in the tenant settings. Read more about it at https://community.office365.com/en-us/f/154/t/353558


  • • Return course catalog Azure page to be available by direct URL [ALMS-1871]

  • • Learner is redirected to SCORM administration part after clicking on My Learning add-in part link in the left menu [ALMS-1869]
    Learner will be redirected to page with My Learning add-in part since he doesn’t have permissions to administration part.

  • • Course administrator (Visitor in Course catalog) doesn’t have access to select SCORM packages [ALMS-1850]

  • • Default settings are different in SCORM & Learning Module Builder add-in parts [ALMS-1856]

  • • Object reference on continue learning path that contains SCORM package that was deleted from tenant [ALMS-1857]

  • • SCORM that you drag takes the first place when you reorder SCORMs in SCORM Player page [ALMS-1860]

  • • When you embed Sway it does not fill the screen to the size set by the Sway embed code [ALMS-1505]

  • • When system loads embedded content into a learning path the page doesn’t show right content area size in the first step [ALMS-1546]

  • • Certificate is not downloaded in course catalog if you add it to a course at a later time [ALMS-1521]

  • • Some learners cannot see a certificate [ALMS-1616]

  • • ‘Student’ word before username when a certificate is located inside SCORM [ALMS-1660]

  • • Theme is not applied in select SCORM dialog [ALMS-457]

  • • Support case in course catalog when URL of subsite was changed so that it doesn’t break the flow [ALMS-1372]

  • • Session expired exception when viewing add-in parts in Safari [ALMS-1864]

v. 1.4.1

New Features

LMS365 | Learning Module Builder

  • • Ability to embed Office Video, Office Mix, YouTube & other embedded code into a learning path. The item is completed when user clicks ‘Next’ in a learning path player. [ALMS-1122]

  • • Ability to delete attempt [ALMS-664]

LMS365 | SCORM Player

  • • Ability to upload new version of package without losing attempts [ALMS-370]


  • • Migration of the SQL Server Databases from Federations to Elastic Scale [ALMS-1324]

  • • Localization: ability to apply translation to sites of non-English locale [ALMS-430]

  • • Reports enhancements [ALMS-1116]

    • Additional user identifier added for User Email|Account|Department

  • • Correct add-in titles are added on Azure pages (LMS365, SCORM Player 3365, Assignments, Learning Path) [ALMS-1121]

LMS365 | Learning Module Builder

  • • Reports enhancements [ALMS-1116]

    • Filter for Active|Deleted|All learners

LMS365 | SCORM Player

  • • Improved progress bar when uploading a package [ALMS-259]

  • • ‘Date Completed’ in reports includes time besides date [ALMS-1120]

  • • ‘Date Usage’ column is removed [ALMS-1120]

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Ability to navigate to a course administration pages from course catalog [ALMS-1141]
    A modal window will open with courses list by clicking on ‘SCORM Player’, ‘Learning Path, ‘Assignments & GB’ on course catalog administration page.

  • • Reports enhancements [ALMS-1116]

    • Filter for Active|Deleted|All learners

    • ‘Course URL’ is added to global reporting level [ALMS-1118]

Bug Fixes

  • • Course is located in ‘Completed’ tab although the learner did not complete all learning paths [ALMS-1345]

  • • Specific SCORM package opens in a small window in Safari, Chrome on Ipad [ALMS-1311]

  • • Start SCORM attempt through learning path when timeout between attempts is not elapsed results in the error [ALMS-1460]

v. 1.4.0

New Features

LMS365 | Learning Module Builder

  • • Add-in allows organizing SCORM packages and documents of different types and into sequenced learning steps. Other features include:

    • ability to set prerequisites so it’s not possible to start the locked learning path until its prerequisites are completed

    • ability to add Learning Module Builder add-in into a course using Course Creator & Catalog add-in, and complete a course by completing a learning path. Learning Path marked as included in course completion appears in Grade Book and is included in Course Complete and certificate generation.

    • support for localization


  • • Universal navigation across all add-ins [ALMS-899]

  • • All installed add-ins are displayed as tabs in the administration pages.

LMS365 | Learning Module Builder

  • • Replace progress icon with standard 'working on it' [ALMS-690]

  • • Install only new My Learning app part in case both SCORM Player and Learning Module Builder add-ins installation [ALMS-1000]

LMS365 | SCORM Player

  • • Do not delete data, but mark it as deleted (for feature reports) [ALMS-282]
    System should keep all data (web/user/attempts) and on delete action mark them only as deleted and do not delete them for feature reports possibilities.

  • • New column in SCORM admin pages to be able to go into package attempts [ALMS-877]

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Ability to add multiple categories for course [ALMS-210]

  • • Show certificate icon immediately after course completion [ALMS-826]

  • • Support for OData service to get information about courses, users, and course completions [ALMS-589]
    Access key is provided on request. Please contact support to get more information on that.

Bug Fixes

  • • Assignment task with closing date reached isn't generated for user which was resolved before assignment with closing date reached created [ALMS-179]

  • • IE10: Script error appears while upload image in assignment into editor: Image didn't upload to editor [ALMS-178]

  • • UI. Tiling of background in admin page of course catalog [ALMS-520]

  • • Don`t display percentage to trigger the course completion for SCORM column in gradebook [ALMS-355]

  • • Learners are not unique in reporting [ALMS-563]

  • • Impossible create course on root site. User has Deny permissions [ALMS-592]
    Issue happened when custom scripting options were enabled in SharePoint settings.

  • • Add-ins are not added to course site if course is created under external account [ALMS-924]

  • • User with apostrophe in his name gets ‘Unable to acquire LMS API’ error on launching SCORM from My Learning web part [ALMS-974]

  • • Course is not moved from ‘All available’ to ‘Completed’ in course catalog [ALMS-989]
    in case when auto completion is set after SCORM in course is completed.

v. 1.3.1

New Features

  • • Web shop for add-ins (integration with FastSpring) [ALMS-377]
    FastSpring license management is integrated to keep all data about license as part of add-ins infrastructure.


  • • Safe delete for licenses (only mark as deleted) [ALMS-506]
    To allow license reactivation on tenant after changing to trial its status is marked as deleted but is not removed from the database.

  • • Add info about EULA to Admin part [ALMS-528]
    A link to License Terms & Conditions is added to the License Information page:

Picture 18

Bug Fixes

  • • Certificate is not generated if capital letters are used in certificate tokens [ALMS-692]

  • • Failed status of directoryreader job on production [ALMS-691]

  • • Impossible to enroll on course. Object returned by the following call stack is null. "AssociatedMemberGroup" [ALMS-688]

  • • Impossible to create course. Object returned by the following call stack is null. "AssociatedOwnerGroup" [ALMS-686]

  • • Wrong displayed background overlay [ALMS-679]

  • • Errors in scorm: No connection string named 'LMS365Connection' could be found in the application config file [ALMS-484]

  • • The underlying provider failed on Open [ALMS-421]

  • • Unify license page after installation add-in first time: fields and design for add-ins (SCORM, LMS 365, assignment and gradebook) [ALMS-208]

  • • No error/warning about license has already been activated when one license was activated on 2 different tenants [ALMS-233]

v. 1.3.0

New Features

LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Certification option as part of Course Creator & Catalog add-in [ACCA-382]
    Certification possibilities are implemented in the LMS365 allowing to grant certificates to Learners for completing courses:

Picture 2

  • • System should provide possibility to create/view/edit/delete certificate templates [ACCA-385]
    Managing certificate templates is available from Certificates section in the administration back-end:

Picture 3

  • • Certificate should be given when learner completes a course [ACCA-386]
    For completed courses Learners are assigned Certificates selected during Course creation or editing:


  • • UI: System should have modern, SP inspired, design with theme support and etc. [ACCA-384]
    LMS365 Administrator back-end and Settings page interface has been changed:

Picture 5

  • • Add Assignments & Grade Book add-in to course creator UI [ACCA-367]
    In the process of Course creation it is now possible to set Assignments & Gradebook add-in as required:

Picture 6

  • • Add license functionality to Course Catalog [ACCA-449]
    Course Creator & Catalog add-in now has its own license that does not depend on the SCORM Player add-in license:

Picture 9

  • • Create reports functionality [ACCA-409]
    Separate Reporting functionality implemented for Course Creator & Catalog add-in that includes Reports by Learner and by Course:

Picture 458


LMS365 | Assignments & Gradebook

  • • The system should provide language packs and customer's localization [AGA-143]

  • • The add-in should provide predictable (and with good user experience) possibility to work with attachments [AGA-136]
    This includes working with documents attachment to Assignments, ability to view documents in Office365, etc.

  • • Add-in should have consistent UI [AGA-142]


LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

  • • Should be more space between field names in course creation|edit forms [ACCA-133]
    Course creation/edit form was improved to leave more space for localized titles.

  • • Course creation - picture library - delete picture [ACCA-230]
    Possibility to delete files in image picker added:


  • • Add AD groups to enrolment [ACCA-343]
    AD groups now can be added to Course Administrators or Learners fields.

  • • Should be possible to add AD groups in Course admins and Learners fields [ACCA-282]
    All AD group members are assigned corresponding permissions for created course after adding an AD group to course administrators or Learners.

  • • Form validation: make the validation on the client first, and then on the server [ACCA-344]
    For validation is added to required fields only.

  • • Update loading progress on course creating (SignalR library) for ability to work with AppInsights and for cases with several servers environment [ACCA-458]

  • • Creation of courses with not unique titles and URLs on different subsites [ACCA-326]
    Now it is possible to create courses with the same title and URL on different subsites.

  • • SCORM Player add part should be enabled automatically (after manual installation in course) [ACCA-268]
    If SCORM Player add-in was manually installed on Course Site, it is now automatically enabled in Course Settings.

  • • Keep version of passing criteria [ACCA-297]
    If SCORM completion settings were changed, old version is saved to preserve status of attempts completed with old settings.

  • • Limit number of characters in course catalog [ACCA-323]
    Maximum 200 symbols is displayed in course description. If Course description is longer, it is hidden and link ‘Read more’ is displayed.

Picture 8

  • • Admin Page icons in Catalog [ACCA-347]

Picture 11

  • • Course Catalog Paging [ACCA-348]
    Paging functionality implemented for Course Catalog. Now 20 courses are displayed per page.

  • • Add Search (by name, description, category, tags) [ACCA-350]
    Course catalog search implemented:

Picture 10

  • • Catalog Configurations [ACCA-351]
    Administrator can configure Catalog views for Teachers and Learners:

Picture 12

  • • Reorganize tabs [ACCA-459]
    Tabs order was changed like:

    • All Available

    • Enrolled

    • Required

    • Optional

    • Completed


  • • LMS365 Administrator page enhancements [ACCA-352]
    Icons for new features have been added.

  • • Admin Page: Mockups and report examples [ACCA-354]
    Reports structure has been slightly changed.

  • • Download certificate by clicking on certificate icon [ACCA-415]
    Certificate is downloaded by clicking the Certificate icon in Course Catalog:


  • • Add Certificate picker in Course creator [ACCA-416]
    Certificate Template is selected on course creation/edit form:

Picture 15

  • • Provide default certificate template [ACCA-418]
    After Course Creator & Catalog add-in installation a default certificate template is created.

  • • Show recommendation about image size for certificate template [ACCA-419]
    On certificate template creation form recommendations about image size are displayed:

Picture 16

  • • Make session time more than 30 minutes [ACCA-239]
    A notification was added before session expiration.

  • • Logging for course creating/updating [ACCA-452]

  • • Add-in installation optimization [ACCA-453]

  • • Use https only cookie for Asp.NET session [ACCA-541]

LMS365 | Assignments & Gradebook

  • • Change the Assignment Window [AGA-608]
    The Documents section was moved from left to right and the content window attached to the left side of the Assignment window.

Implement methods for getting SharePoint groups by ID [AGA-640]

LMS365 | SCORM Player

  • • Change session storage from InProc to distributed storage [SAONE-513]
    Session storage is changed from InProc to distributed storage.

  • • Configure CloudFlare CDN for fixing SCORM player latency all around the world [SAONE-555]
    To improve user experience from loading media content CloudFlare CDN was configured.

Bug Fixes

  • • 'Allow user to resume incomplete attempt' option is not checked by default when you select to add a SCORM package for the course site [ACCA-341]

  • • Duplicate SCORM packages are created after reading SCORMs through course catalog on course [ACCA-331]

  • • Confirmation window is not displayed in current position of window [ACCA-306]

  • • Course template selection [ACCA-322]

  • • Error opening course catalog after deleting unique permissions in course's site [ACCA-437]

  • • Certificates, Language, License, Settings icons should not be displayed for course teacher [ACCA-518]

  • • Chrome\FireFox: Not all field title is displayed ( Course Administrators) [ACCA-237]

  • • Waiting Microsoft feedback -> Floating: (401) Unauthorized [ACCA-431]

  • • Open course catalog - 503 error appears [ACCA-529]

  • • Calculate start and end of the week as UTC date [AGA-606]

  • • File not found exception on assignment task update [AGA-609]

  • • Error occurs during opening *.xls file in assignment task [AGA-605]

  • • Visitors are not learners on the site which has the same URL as deleted site [AGA-604]

  • • Learner will be able to Submit completed task when Teacher and Learner edit returned task at the same time [AGA-602]

  • • IE. There is no notification about adding our site to trusted zone [AGA-442]

  • • Check completion status for SCORM - Continue MLWP [SAONE-582]

  • • Site Collection administrator will get looping redirect of a web page when he opens SCORM administration part (user was not added to the Owners group and EULA was not accepted on this tenant) [SAONE-592]

  • • 500 internal server error on attempt to start any SCORM (incorrect URL is formed) [SAONE-623]

  • • Attempt to generate report for ~2000 people times out [SAONE-605]

  • • Unpack package 0% and shows no error when package includes a file with SharePoint restricted characters [SAONE-594]

  • • Make My Learning app part title NOT clickable [SAONE-572]

  • • Performance issue for customer located in US [SAONE-539]

  • • XSS script shouldn't be saved in localization [SAONE-537]

  • • Impossible to finish attempt of SCORM [SAONE-630]

  • • Attempt of SCORM is not opened. Redirect from https to http [SAONE-632]

  • • SCORM Player add-in cannot run event receiver [SAONE-633]

  • • License page is not available after installing add-in the first time: session has expired [SAONE-635]

  • • There is no redirect from separate window to main after finish of attempt [SAONE-638]

  • • Impossible to edit SCORM package. Different URL after saving changes of SCORM [SAONE-631]

Known Issues

  • • Impossible to select room immediately after loading room list if change start and end time [ALMS-3203]

  • • Dates in email notifications are not displayed according to regional settings [ALMS-3261]

  • • Email notifications are duplicated if you activate publishing and add learners to course at the same time [ALMS-2846]

  • • Unify Date and time format in excel reports [ALMS-2845]

  • • Difference in the display of user avatars in Training Dashboard [ALMS-1996]
    If user has different pictures in O365 & SharePoint profile, then picture from O365 is displayed in Leaderboard.
    External users will see pictures of other external users of the same domain & pictures from SharePoint profiles; internal users will see pictures from O365 & SharePoint profiles.

  • • Course from deleted course catalog is displayed in dashboard [ALMS-1934]

  • • Course from deleted site collection is displayed in dashboard [ALMS-1935]

  • • Deleted user is not removed from Leaderboard [ALMS-1968]

  • • YouTube doesn`t play in edit mode in IE10 [ALMS-311]

  • • SCORM is not opened from MLWP when IE 10 in Compatibility mode [ALMS-365]

  • • Technical limitations for playing video in Learning Module Player for small screen resolution [MOB-476]

  • • Learner from AD group can unenroll from TP when he was already enrolled before [ALMS-4969]

  • • Training Plan status is not changed from "Not Started" to "In Progress" after adding to Training Plan Completed Course [ALMS-4938]

  • • All user's certificates aren't displayed in dashboard after recertification [ALMS-4351]

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