LMS365 Course Catalog & Home Page Migration


This article describes the changes the LMS365 Catalog & Home Page Migration will make to your LMS.

To take advantage of the latest Course Catalog you must update the LMS365 | Course Creator and Catalog add-in to the latest release available to download from here.

The Migration will make the following changes to your LMS365 Installation:

  • Upgrade your old Course Catalog to the New Course Catalog
  • Save and rename your old Seach Catalog Page
  • Update of all existing Course Home Pages to the LMS365 V2.0 Look and Feel
  • Add an Enrolment Button to the Course Site Home Page
  • Update of all Course Sites to allow access to the default 'Everyone' Group Read Only Access to the Course Home Page.

 Video Tutorial showing the upgrade process after update of Course Catalog

NOTE: The Migration is Permanent and cannot be undone, please ensure that you and your Learners are ready for the update.

Once the Add-in has been updated in your local SharePoint App Catalog and also updated in your LMS365 Site (collections) the LMS365 Administrators will see a notification in the old course catalog informing you a new Catalog is available and invites you to Migrate.


The Migration Tool will run through all your Courses and will show progress:

Once completed it will confirm completion and provide you with a link to your Old Course Catalog.

PLEASE NOTE: To be able to use the new Course Catalog you will also need to update your Courses as the new Course Catalog does not support enrollment and the old courses do not provide the enrollment option on the home page.

WARNING: Updating your V1.x Course Sites will automatically create a brand new Course Home Page and save your old Course Home Page as a "...SitePages/Course_v1.aspx" and will not migrate any non LMS365 Content you may have added.

What are the differences between the Old and New Catalog?

Brand New Design

- Card & List View

- Filter on Course Type

- Filter on Dates

Fully Configurable

- Select Catagories, Course Types, Course Dates for Left Navigation

- Select Catagories, Course Types, Course Dates for Home Page

- Add 'Browse by Categories' buttons

Fully Responsive

We removed the 'Original Dashboard' features such as filtering by 'All Courses', 'Enrolled Courses' etc. We also moved 'Enrolment' from the Course Catalog to the Course Home Page.

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