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For Microsoft SharePoint Server

Version 2.2.0.X




TAKING trainings offline10




Click Menu button Picture 9 to open the pop-up menu of the application:


Рисунок 11


The following information is displayed in the menu:

  • • user’s status (Online/Offline, depending on the Internet connection);

  • • status of synchronization with the Server (Synced/Unsynced);

  • • My Training tab (click it to expand and see other tabs: Current Training, In Progress, All, Completed, Ended, Pending, and Downloaded);

  • • Synchronize button (allows user to synchronize his trainings manually);

  • • Settings button (allows user to change language settings of the app. To do this, select the needed language and click Save button to save the changes or Cancel button to discard them);

  • • Help button (redirects user to the ELEARNINGFORCE Help Center where he can check the documentation or contact support);

  • • Sing Out button (current user is specified in brackets next to this button).


After signing out, the system remembers user’s login name, therefore, next time user will be asked only to choose the needed service address and enter his password.


In the menu, you can navigate to the needed courses/curriculums grouped by tabs:


Рисунок 10


  • • Current Training tab – displays all courses and curriculums with Not Started and In Progress status;

  • • In Progress tab – displays trainings that have been started, but have not been completed yet;

  • • All tab – displays all learner’s trainings;

  • • Completed tab – displays completed trainings;

  • • Ended tab – displays learner’s trainings, which have been ended (regardless their completion status);

  • • Pending tab – displays trainings in which learner has enrolled but they are pending approval;

  • • Downloaded tab – displays trainings that have been downloaded.

Note: Only e-Learning Content Package Courses (SCORM) can be downloaded. If Curriculum contains e-Learning Content Package Courses (SCORM), it can also be downloaded.


Learner has no access to the courses with Pending Approval status. If learner tries to access these courses, he will see the following message:


Рисунок 28



The main screen displays learner’s Current Training courses or curriculums. Depending on their status (Not Started, In Progress), they have different action buttons:


Рисунок 26


Click the ‘Start’ button to take the course or click the ‘Continue’ button to resume it. After that the screen with the Course title, its description and ‘Open your Course’ button appears. Click this button to open the course:


Рисунок 96


After clicking ‘Open your Course’ button, a page with the course details, description and Learning Modules, depending on the course content and type is opened:

Picture 7



Synchronization takes place on the following events:

  • • course details page is opened;

  • • list of courses is refreshed.

To see new courses where you have enrolled, pull down the main page to refresh or use Synchronize button in the callout menu.

To refresh the page with the opened course, use Synchronize button from the ribbon. This action synchronizes learner’s attempts as well.


Synchronization also takes place when the app becomes online again after being without an Internet connection. When using Wi-Fi connection, this happens automatically, and when using Mobile Internet, user should synchronize the app manually.

To synchronize the app, pull down the main page or use Synchronize button in the callout menu.


Click the ‘Start’ button to take the curriculum or click the ‘Continue’ button to resume them. After that, the screen with the curriculum description and all Courses included into it appears:

Рисунок 14


Now you can take all unlocked courses, as well as download curriculums that contain at least one SCORM course and take this course when offline.



If user has been assigned to a curriculum with a course in which he is not enrolled, he will see the following message:


Рисунок 15


Therefore, user first needs to be enrolled into the course via SharePoint REM.

You can expand curriculums to see courses included into them by clicking expand button Рисунок 30:


Рисунок 13




To be able to take the course offline you need to download it first. To do this, click ‘Play’ button next to the name of the needed course, and then click the Download button:


Рисунок 16



If you don’t see the download button, verify that you have licensed the app.


Please remember that you can download only courses with SCORM packages (AICC packages are opened in a web view). If you add other learning objects to your course (e.g. Quizzes or Learning Modules), Download option becomes unavailable.


Now the course will be displayed in the ‘Downloaded’ tab. You will be able to take it without having an Internet connection. When you re-connect to the Internet, all data will be synchronized back to the Server.



If a content package in the course is changed to a new one, Learner will have to retake it and to download once again for the offline passing. If the course was completed before package changes, course status will not be changed.


When you complete SCORM course, Download button becomes unavailable and course is deleted from the Downloaded tab (therefore, there is no possibility to retake completed SCORM course).


To download curriculum (which contains at least one SCORM course), click Download button next to its title:


Рисунок 19


After that, you will see this curriculum in the Downloaded tab. In online mode you will be able to see and take all included into it courses, but in offline mode there is possibility to take SCORM courses only:


Рисунок 27


If you expand curriculum in the Downloaded tab and try to take not a SCORM course, you will see the following message:


Рисунок 23


Depending on user’s status (Online/Offline), the colour of the menu bar changes. For the online mode menu bar is orange, and for the offline mode it will be greyed out:


Рисунок 4



When you are updating the Mobile App from version 1 to version 2, all courses that have been downloaded in version 1 will be lost.


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