LMS365 Mobile App User Guide

Picture 458LMS365 Mobile App User Guide

Version 2.7.X










Tap Menu button Picture 9 to open the pop-up menu of the application:


Рисунок 15


The following information is displayed in the menu:

  • • user’s status (Online/Offline, depending on the Internet connection);

  • • status of synchronization with the Server (Synced/Unsynced);

  • • Find a Course section – allows user to search for a training within the selected Course Catalog (user can select it when logging in or choose another in the Settings section after he has logged in);

  • • My Training tab (tap it to expand and see other tabs: Current Training, In Progress, All, Completed, Ended, Pending, and Downloaded);

  • • Certificates (tap it to expand and see user’s valid and expired certificates he has already got);

  • • Transcript (displays information about user’s training activities and certificates);

  • • CEUs (tap it to expand and see Earned, Planned or All CEUs);

  • • Competencies (tap it to expand and see Valid, Revoked or Planned competencies);

  • • Leaderboard (tap it to expand and see weekly, monthly or all time Leaderboard);

  • • Notifications (tap it to expand and see all or unread notifications sections);

  • • Synchronize button (allows user to synchronize his trainings manually);

  • • Settings button (allows user to change language settings of the app: select the needed language and tap Save button to save the changes or Cancel button to discard them. User can set synchronization settings as well and select whether to delete automatically completed or ended downloaded courses):


Рисунок 7


 In this section user can also view the version of the application:


Рисунок 6


 User can change Course Catalog that will be used into the course/training plan search:


Рисунок 8



You will need to be added to the Owners/Members/Visitors/Administrators/Learners group on the site where Course Catalog is installed in order to see it in the selector.


  • • Help button (redirects user to the ELEARNINGFORCE Help Center where he can check the documentation or contact support);

  • • Sign Out button (current user is specified in brackets next to this button).


After signing out, the system remembers user’s login name, therefore, next time user will be asked only to choose the needed service address and enter his password.


In the menu, you can navigate to the needed courses and training plans grouped by tabs:


Рисунок 24


  • • Current Training tab – displays all courses and training plans with Not Started and In Progress status;

  • • In Progress tab – displays trainings that have been started, but have not been completed yet;

  • • All tab – displays all learner’s trainings;

  • • Completed tab – displays completed trainings;

  • • Ended tab – displays learner’s trainings, which have been ended (regardless their completion status);

  • • Pending tab – displays trainings in which learner has enrolled but they are pending approval;

  • • Downloaded tab – displays trainings that have been downloaded.

Note: Only courses that have at least one content package (SCORM) or Quiz can be downloaded.


Learner has no access to the disabled courses in All, Ended, Completed, and Pending tabs. Disabled courses are: ended courses with Not Started, In Progress, and Completed statuses, deleted and unpublished courses with the Completed status, as well as courses with Pending Approval status. If learner tries to access these courses, he will see the following messages:


Рисунок 28


Рисунок 29


The main screen displays learner’s courses and training plans he is currently taking. Under the courses’/training plans’ titles, their statuses (Not Started, In Progress) and description are displayed:


Рисунок 31


Tap the course’s tile to take the course or resume taking it. After that, the screen with the Course title, its description, information, and Learning Modules (order and statuses are the same as on the web site, and unpublished learning modules are not shown to learners), and ‘Open in Browser’ button appears:


Рисунок 464


In the Information section you can see course related information such as Category, Type, ID, Credits, Duration, etc.:


Рисунок 465


Taping Trainer’s name allows you to send him an email.


If there are several Trainers on the course, you will see the following message:


Рисунок 466


For Classroom & Blended and Webinar courses, third section with course sessions is displayed (if there are several sessions available, tap Show more sessions button to see all of them):


Рисунок 455


You can take all unlocked learning modules, download the course if it contains at least one SCORM/Quiz or open the full training in browser using appropriate link under the Learning Modules (you will be redirected to the course page in the Browser).

To see content included in the learning module, tap Expand icon Рисунок 480 next to its name:


Рисунок 481


To take learning modules (except SCORMs and Quizzes) or to open the full training in browser, you need to login with your Office 365 account:


Рисунок 467


After taping Open in Browser link and signing in, you will be redirected to your Browser and presented with the web view of the course:


Рисунок 20


After taping action button next to the learning object and signing in, learning item will be opened and you will be able to pass it:


Рисунок 14



Synchronization takes place on the following events:

  • • course details page is opened;

  • • list of courses is refreshed.

To see new courses where you have enrolled, pull down the main page to refresh or use Synchronize button in the callout menu.

To refresh the page with the opened course, use Synchronize button from the ribbon. This action synchronizes learner’s attempts as well.


Synchronization also takes place when the app becomes online again after being without an Internet connection. When using Wi-Fi connection, this happens automatically, and when using Mobile Internet, user should synchronize the app manually.

To synchronize the app, pull down the main page or use Synchronize button in the callout menu.


Tap the training plan’s tile to take the training plan or resume taking it. After that, the screen with training plan description, information, all Courses included into it (with their own description and statuses), and ‘Open in Browser’ link appears:


Рисунок 469


In the Information section you can see training plan related information such as Category, Type, Duration, ID, Credits, etc.:


Рисунок 473


Taping Trainer’s name allows you to send him an email.


If there are several Trainers on the course, you will see the following message:


Рисунок 470


You can take all unlocked courses (courses can contain Learning Modules), as well as rate the training after you have started it.

To open the full training in browser, you need to login with your Office 365 account to the training plan site. After that, training plan site will be opened in your Browser:


Рисунок 21


You can expand training plans in all tabs they are present, to see courses included into them by taping expand button Рисунок 30:


Рисунок 107


In the Certificates tab, you can see valid, expiring and expired certificates that you have been granted (certificates for completed, completed deleted, completed ended, and completed unpublished courses and training plans are displayed):


Рисунок 108


You can view the certificate by taping its icon. After that, you can download the certificate by taping Download icon in the upper right corner (if it has been saved to the .png format; after the update, all certificates are stored in .pdf format and cannot be downloaded):


Рисунок 476


For iOS devices you will be asked to give to the App access to your Photos, and after giving the access, image will be saved in the gallery:


Рисунок 477



If you don’t give access to your Photos, you won’t be able to download certificates (only after reinstalling the App).


On other devices image will be saved to the Downloads folder immediately after taping on the Certificate icon.


In the Transcript tab you can see information about your training activities, certificates, and competencies. In the Courses section, all courses/training plans in which you are enrolled (with Not Started, In Progress, and Completed statuses) are displayed. Completion date and CEUs (only earned for course/training plan completion) are displayed in this section as well. Total CEUs are displayed under the Courses section. In the Certificates section, all your certificates with their validity status, issued and expiry dates are shown. If you have more than one certificate for the course/training plan, all certificates will be shown in this section. In the Competencies section all competencies (assigned - that will be received after the training completion, valid - that are currently held, and revoked) with all levels, achievement and revocation dates are displayed. If Learner first had one competency level and then it was changed, he will see both levels in this section:


Рисунок 453

Рисунок 25


CEUs tab is divided in three tabs: Earned, Planned, and All. In the Earned tab, all courses/training plans for the completion of which you have earned CEUs are displayed:


Рисунок 123


In the Planned tab, all courses/training plans with CEUs that you will earn after their completion are displayed:


Рисунок 125


In the All tab, your courses/training plans with the Not Started/In Progress/Completed statuses and CEUs are displayed:


Рисунок 126


On Earned and All tabs, you can select a period of course/training plan completion and then tap Apply Dates button for filtering:


Рисунок 127



By default, one-year period is selected.


Competencies tab is divided in three tabs: Valid, Revoked, and Planned. In the Valid tab granted competency(ies) with the corresponding levels, achievement date, and revocation date are displayed. In the Granted by section you can see the title of the training by completion of which Learner has been granted this competency or the name of the person who has manually granted the competency:


Рисунок 26


In the Revoked tab competencies that have been revoked from the Learner are displayed:


Рисунок 27


In the Planned tab training(s) and corresponding competency(ies) that will be granted to Learner when he completes the training are displayed:


Рисунок 449


Leaderboard tab displays the top of the Learners ranked by the number of earned CEUs (form the whole Tenant). Learners without CEUs are not included in ranking.

Top 3 Learners are marked with colored badge (golden, silver, and bronze). All the others have black badges.

Leaderboard tab is divided in three tabs: Weekly tab (displays top learners according to the current week); Monthly tab (displays top learners according to the current month); All Time tab (displays top learners according to all time):


Рисунок 482



If some learners have the same number of CEUs, Learner who has first completed the course/training plan will be on top.


Earned CEUs are not updated even if in Edit course/training plan mode their number is changed/deleted.


Maximum 10 learners are shown on Leaderboard.


In the Notifications tab you can see all the notifications (configured on the web site where Course Catalog is installed) you have got for the last month. Only notifications that you receive as Learner are displayed in All and Unread tabs:


Рисунок 12



Users without mailboxes (unlicensed users) will receive notifications inside the App as well.


Unread notifications are marked with blue circle:


Рисунок 457


On iOS devices swipe to the left and on Android devices tap and hold to see actions (Read/Unread to mark the notification correspondingly, and Delete action):


Рисунок 459


You will get push notifications as well when you are logged in (if you are logged in on different devices, you will receive notifications on all of them):


Рисунок 17



Push notifications can be disabled in the system’s settings.


Taping the notification (push notification or notification inside the app) will open the full notification:


Рисунок 448


Here you can see notification’s subject, body, mark notification as read or unread, delete notification or open the course (course page will be opened).

In the offline mode you will see the notifications that have already been synched. However, when you tap ‘Open Course’ button, you will see the following message (only downloaded earlier courses will be opened):


Рисунок 460


You can use search box in the Notifications section (both in All and Unread sections) to find the needed notification among recently loaded ones:


Рисунок 463


Search runs on Subject and Body of the notification. Search results are saved after the page have been refreshed.


Tap Find a Course section of the app’s menu to open trainings search. Here you can see a list of all published courses and training plans from the Course Catalog you have chosen whilst logging in or specified in the app’s Settings. If ‘Display Highest Ranked Courses’ option is enabled for this Course Catalog on the web, the most popular courses/training plans (depending on their rating) will also be shown:


Рисунок 10


Common rating is calculated as an average of all received (not hidden) ratings (rating settings are specified on the web). Number of all ratings is displayed in the brackets next to the common rating. If no rating is set for the course/training plan, rating stars will not be colored. Rating cannot be set on the Course Catalog page, for giving a training some rating you should go to the training page.

You can see detailed information about the course/training plan by taping on the Information icon:


Рисунок 16



If Detailed View option is not selected on the web side, Information icon will not be displayed and taping the training will open the training’s page.


For e-Learning course types as well as for the training plans, the following fields will be displayed: Type, Duration, and Trainer(s). For Classroom & Blended Training course type they are as follows: Type, Duration, Start Date, Location, and Trainer(s). For Webinar course type the following fields are shown: Type, Duration, Start Date, and Trainer(s).

For Classroom & Blended Training and Webinar course types, Start Date field displays the start date of the course session. If course has more than one session, ‘Multiple Dates’ value will be displayed. For Classroom & Blended Training course type, Location field displays the course session location. If course has more than one course session, ‘Multiple locations’ value will be displayed:


Рисунок 19


To search for a needed training, you can use filtering by categories, type, and course date (tap Filters button Рисунок 23 to see filtering section):


Рисунок 2


  1. 1. Filtering by category – list of categories (including subcategories) in the right side menu allows filtering courses/training plans by category (categories are configured on the web in the Course Catalog Settings). Total amount of courses/training plans with the same category is displayed in the brackets next to the course title (this can also be configured on the web). If there are more than 5 categories, tap Show more button to see all of them;

  2. 2. Filtering by course type – list of all course types in the right side menu allows filtering courses/training plans by course type (course types are configured on the web in the Course Catalog Settings);

  3. 3. Filtering by course session(s) dates – using Course Session(s) Dates filter you can set Start and End date period. After that, Classroom & Blended Training and Webinar courses will be filtered by start and end dates of the course sessions (courses without sessions will not be filtered). E-learning courses are not sorted using this filter;

  4. 4. Searchbox – to find a course or a training plan, use catalog search field (search runs on title, short/long description, categories, tags, and trainers).




In the Mobile App you can search for a needed training into a Course Catalog and then enroll into it. To do this, tap on any place of the needed course/training plan card (in the Course Catalog search results) or ‘View Course’/’View Training Plan’ button in the information callout to go to the training page:


Рисунок 115


Рисунок 116


If you are not enrolled in the training, you will see ‘Enroll to Course’/‘Enroll to Training Plan’ button. All learning items and courses included in training plans will be locked until you enroll in the training.

After you have enrolled in the training, there is a possibility to unenroll from it. To do this, tap on the ellipsis in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then select ‘Unenroll from Course’ or ‘Unenroll from Training Plan’ action:


Рисунок 114


Рисунок 117



If learner has been enrolled in the training via AD group, he will not be able to unenroll from it.


When enrolling in Classroom & Blended Training or Webinar courses with ‘Enroll user into a single session’ enrollment type selected, ‘Show available sessions’ button is displayed, taping on which will redirect you to the ‘Sessions’ tab:


Рисунок 97


After that you will be available to choose the needed course session and enroll in the course:


Рисунок 98


If you select session that has already reached its Max. Attendees, the following message will be displayed:


Рисунок 100


If you try to enroll in the course with ‘Enroll user into all course sessions’ enrollment type selected and the minimum number of Max. Attendees is reached, you will see the following message:


Рисунок 101


If no sessions are available for the course, you will see the following message:


Рисунок 99


When enrolling in the training with the LMS Administrator or Line Manager approval types, a request will be created and you will see ‘Pending Approval’ message (all learning modules/courses will be locked until your request is approved):


Рисунок 118


You will be able cancel your request until it is approved. To do this, tap on the ellipsis in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then select ‘Cancel Request’ action:


Рисунок 120


After that, you will be required to enter the cancellation reason message:


Рисунок 119



If learner has been enrolled in the training via AD group, he will not be able to cancel the request.


Learners with ‘In Progress’ and ‘Completed’ statuses can rate the training (and change it if needed):


Рисунок 121


After the training’s completion (and Certificate status has been changed to ‘Expiring’ or ‘Expired’), you will be able to retake the course:


Рисунок 122


Remember, that the course/training plan status will be changed to Not Started (all courses included in a training plan also will have Not Started status) and you will have to retake all course items: Learning Modules, SCORMs/AICCs, Quizzes (their statuses will be changed to Not Started).



To be able to take the course offline you need to download it first. To do this, tap on the ellipsis in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then select ‘Download Course’ action:


Рисунок 111



If you don’t see the download action, verify that you have licensed the app.


It is also possible to download a course included in the training plan separately from it. If you download a course that is a part of several training plans, it will be downloaded for all of them.

Now the course will be displayed in the ‘Downloaded’ tab. You will be able to take it without having an Internet connection. When you re-connect to the Internet, all data will be synchronized back to the Server.



There is no possibility to take other learning objects than SCORM packages or Quizzes in offline mode. User will see the following message on these items (they also become not clickable) when offline:


Рисунок 5



Timer is running for the downloaded Quizzes in the offline mode as well. Therefore, when you try to exit the Quiz, you will see the following message:


Рисунок 13


Please remember that you will not be able to play YouTube videos added to the downloaded Quizzes in the offline mode.


If a content package in the course is changed to a new one, Learner will have to retake it and to download once again for the offline passing. If the course was completed before package changes, course status will not be changed.


If automatic deletion of the completed downloaded courses option is enabled, Download action becomes unavailable for these courses (therefore, there is no possibility to retake completed the course).


Depending on user’s status (Online/Offline), the colour of the menu bar changes. For the online mode menu bar is orange, and for the offline mode it will be greyed out:


Рисунок 11


There is also a possibility to delete the downloaded trainings manually. To do this, tap on the ellipsis in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then select ‘Delete Downloaded Course’ action:

Рисунок 110


If you have enabled automatic deletion in the App’s settings, the system will automatically delete completed and/or ended downloaded courses (options are enabled by default).

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