LMS 365 | Quiz Builder Add-in Installation Guide

Picture 1LMS 365 | Quiz Builder Add-in Installation Guide

Version 1.5.14.X







1.2.About the Add-in2

1.3.Server software requirements2

1.4.Client requirements2






1.5.Trial License14

1.6.Activate a License15




    1. 1.1. Audience

This guide has been written for the System Administrator to install the Add-in and Add-in Parts and create a fully working solution including uploading a LMS365 | Quiz Builder Add-in.

For detailed information about configuring the Quiz Settings please consult the User Guide.

    1. 1.2. About the Add-in

The LMS365 | Quiz Builder Add-in has been developed to run on Office 365 SharePoint Online Team Sites.

The Add-in is not yet supported for SharePoint 2013 On Premise.

The LMS365 | Quiz Builder is a part of the LMS 365 suite of Learning Add-ins.

    1. 1.3. Server software requirements

The Add-in has been developed to run within the Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint 2013 Online environment.

    1. 1.4. Client requirements

A supported browser such as Internet Explorer 9 onwards. Recent versions of Chrome and Firefox are also supported.



For the installation of the Add-in the user must have Site Collection Administrator rights.

To install the add-in click Settings icon Picture 477 and select Add an App from the Menu as illustrated:

Picture 44

Enter Quiz Builder Add-in in the Search Field and click Search:

Picture 2

The Search Result will tell you it has found results in the SharePoint Store as shown in the next illustration:

Picture 3

Click the results link and you will be presented with the following screen. Click the LMS365 | Quiz Builder icon:

Picture 448

You will be presented with the following screen from where you can add the Add-in to your Site:

Picture 449

You will be asked to confirm that you wish to add the Add-in. Click Continue button to confirm:

Picture 450

When you get the confirmation page you can click Return to site button:

Picture 23

You must click Trust It button to enable the Add-in to function properly:

Picture 455

You will now see the Add-in installed on your Team Site:

Picture 25

When you run the add-in for the very first time, you will be required to select Tenant Region for LMS365 data storage.


If you have added the My Quizzes Add-in Part to your site, you will see the following message:


Picture 22


Go to the Administration Back-end and select necessary Region:

Picture 20

Then click Next button. You will presented with the following screen:

Picture 21

From this page you can confirm the Tenant Region or go back to select another one.


Remember that you can select Region once only (i.e. if you have previously selected the Region, there will be no such a step for other add-ins). After you have selected the Region, it will be applied for all add-ins of LMS365 suite and could not be changed on your own initiative (only by request).


The LMS 365 | Quiz Builder Add-in comes with an Add-in Part. The Add-in Part will provide the UI for users to view and complete Quizzes.

To add the Add-in Part to a page, do the following actions:

  1. 1. Go to the page, to which you want to add the Add-in;

  2. 2. Enter the Edit mode (click the Edit button Picture 8 in the ribbon);

  3. 3. Go to the Insert tab in the ribbon menu and select App Part:

Picture 19

  1. 4. Select the “My QuizzesAdd-in Part and click Add button:

Picture 575

  1. 5. Click Save icon in the Menu to save the page:

Picture 451

The page will now be saved and the Add-in Part will be added to the page:

Picture 546


To have access to the back-end Administration you have to be a member of the Site Owners Groups. If you are not, you will get the following error message:

Picture 456

The name of your group will differ from the one on the image above.

To add yourself to the Site Owners Group do the following:

  1. 1.  Go to Site Settings by clicking Settings icon Picture 476 on the top right corner of your site:

Picture 475

  1. 2. Click People and groups link:

Picture 16

  1. 3. Select the Team Site Owners Group from the left menu and click Team Site Owners Group followed by New and Add Users:


  1. 4. Add the user(s) you want to be able to administer the LMS365 | Quiz Builder Add-in:


By default an email invitation will be sent to the user(s). To disable this function click “Show Options” and uncheck Send an email invitation box.

Picture 43

There may be a delay between adding yourself to the Group and the add-in allowing access. This is normal SharePoint behaviour and outside of our control.


SharePoint Online allows adding Azure AD Group principals as site members. This great ability helps a lot, but there is no out of the box ability to get members of the Azure AD groups. It means that your Azure AD should be configured to trust our add-ins to be able to read members of Azure AD groups.

To give the application permissions to read users data you need to run a powershell script as described in LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog Add-in Installation Guide.

Picture 12

Running the script requires Tenant Administrator rights.



    1. 1.5. Trial License

The Free Add-in comes with a 30 day trial license included and number of users unlimited. There is no need to obtain a license during the trial period. To get access to the license information, go to the Administration back-end and click License Information tile:

Picture 6

To activate the Trial license, fill in the form and click Activate button:

Picture 457

Upon successful License activation a confirmation page will be displayed:

Picture 459

To check the status of the license, click License Information tile on the Add-in Administration page. The following information will be displayed on the License Information page:

Picture 7

  • • Start Date – shows start date of the trial period;

  • • End Date – shows end date of the trial period;

  • • Current number of usersshows current number of users (Learner group members in courses, Visitor group members in usual sites are counted. Only unique users are counted across each site where Add-in is added). Current number of users is counted for all sites of the tenant;

  • • License Key – field for entering license key.

    1. 1.6. Activate a License

If you have received a License Key from ELEARNINGFORCE you can add it in the License Key field and click on the Activate button:

Picture 10

Upon successful License activation a confirmation page will be displayed:

Picture 460

After license activation the following information will be displayed:

Picture 11

  • • Start date – shows start date of your license;

  • • End Date – shows end date of your license;

  • • Max number of users – shows maximum number of users allowed by your license. If maximum number of users was exceeded it is possible to delete users to meet the license limitations (delete Learner from a course or delete a member of Visitors group);

  • • Current number of users – shows current number of users (Learner group members in courses, Visitors group members in usual sites are counted. Only unique users are counted across each site where Add-in is added). Current number of users is counted for all sites of the tenant;

  • • License key – shows last symbols of your license key.


License does not count disabled users.

A “License Error” will appear within the Quiz Builder Add-in Part when license conditions are not satisfied. Learner will see the following message:

Picture 13

LMS365 Administrator will see the following message in the Add-in Part and in the Administration Back-end when license has expired:

Picture 15

OR the following message when the maximum number of users was exceeded:

Picture 18


update of the LMS365 | Quiz Builder Add-in is taken care of automatically via the Office Market Place.

Within 24 hours after a new version has been released, a notification that an update is available will appear on Site Contents page. A link is provided to immediately install the update. The update is installed without first uninstalling the earlier version. The update infrastructure tests the update installation and rolls it back if there are any errors.

For more information you can go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/dn265910.aspx


Picture 454

Users who are members of Owners group can uninstall the Add-in.

To uninstall the LMS365 | Quiz Builder Add-in from your SharePoint site, do the following:

  1. 1. Click Settings icon Picture 59 and select Site contents from the Menu as illustrated:

Picture 63

  1. 2. Open the Add-in settings and select Remove:

Picture 462

  1. 3. Confirm the uninstall:

Picture 5

The Add-in will be deleted from the site. The Add-in Part “My Quizzes” will be deleted from all pages, to which it had been added. All Quizzes created within the Add-in will be removed, and information about the attempts will be deleted.

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