Why is it not possible to add the 'Course Description' & 'Course Information' add-in parts to existing courses? I can add them but they don't show anything?

Course sites created before we introduced 'Course Description' & 'Course Information' add-in parts are missing a required script file. To work around the issue you need to add a Script Editor web part to the page with the mentioned add-in parts. I.e. you'll need to add 3 Script Editor web parts to the page:

Next, edit each web part snippet in the following way:

  • enter <div class="lms365-course-description"></div> for Course Description web part
  • enter <div class="lms365-course-info"></div> for Course Information web part
  • Link to script file is placed in the last script web part, enter
    <script src="https://assets.365.systems/scripts/dist/course-info-container.packed.js"></script>

Save the changes. Now the 'Course Description' & 'Course Information' add-in parts that you added to the page should work.

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